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with all these things going on about patreon, I wonder if I should make the effort to just set things up separately from using these platforms, like how I eventually broke away from a premade storefront, and use my own website. 🤔

in theory, it's doable. It's just that a lot of the tools in place are not that small time artist business friendly. Previously you could use a business paypal account to set up recurring payment, but now PP will pretty much lock your $$ away for like half a year like lmao

@korokke I was thinking the same thing for next year. I am glad I waited things out and saw how things were going. Just as I joined new platforms, their policies changed.

@Litda this coincides with my decision of let's make this bigger, and now it's almost as if I have to restart again.

@korokke It sucks that it IS basically making you restart at this point. I'm kind of glad I put it off before Patreon changed. I think a lot of people will follow you to another platform but at the same time, there isn't an alternative.

For a while, I have been thinking about how much I can't rely on things and have to do things myself. But how is difficult in itself. Difficult and tiring.

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