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I should draw more. I get offended when I read things about people advising other people to not push yourself too hard at drawing because ~mental health~. For me, drawing is also a type of therapy so don't you dare to tell me to stop.

@korokke yeah I don't like the posts that assume they fit everyone like a glove. for some people drawing is the only thing to get them up in the morning

@korokke Then perhaps those posts arent aimed at you to begin with.

@korokke I mean, if it's not hurting you that much it's fine. But the consensus from college and uni is to "destroy yourself" for art. The culture is so bad, I was drinking the kool aid.

@Litda I don't remember if I told you before, but if I'm going to destroy myself anyway (HELLO SHIT JOBS), the art way is the better way to destroy myself, I would literally regret having something else destroy me, but I guess that is me spiraling

@korokke I know, there are only no good job. And the "stable jobs" make you do a lot of sexist, emotional labour that is soul crushing.

@korokke sounds like they don't understand that if it doesn't cause a problem (problems like extreme stress or extreme self hatred) you don't need to tell the person that. Though I think people also assume art = worse mental health due to the "tortured artist" troupe >_>

@baothghalach I'm definitely a happier artist when I'm drawing vs not drawing. I don't know why internet strangers don't trust that people like me exist.

@korokke I think it's best to assume it's not directed at you. I can see how it feels like all encompassing advice but a lot of people burn out or are expected to ignore the signs of burning out. There is a huge culture of unhealthy behaviour associated with art (esp in school + career) that needs to be discussed. I think the discussion of pushing yourself in a more healthy way is important too.

@amiepsychique kind of yes and no. People at me after I say that this does not apply to everyone, telling me that "you shouldn't work so hard" BUT I literally just said I'm not like that. so uh.. I think I should just.. shut up.

@korokke yeah, if I see art advice online that doesn't apply to me I move on. but ppl shouldn't be telling you to stop working since you know your limits

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