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Wai 🐯 🐻 @korokke

Hi I'm Wai. I am a comic artist and do screenprinting.

My main project is a monthly postcard club where I send people silkscreen printed postcards every month.

Otherwise I draw and self-publish comics with Love Love Hill. lovelovehill.com/

mastodon.art/media/oADRh6f3mGA mastodon.art/media/YP_Ae0DGz_e mastodon.art/media/BlzmsfVNqso mastodon.art/media/QUlvQUCZvbr

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@korokke oh man i love these!! is the travelling bear a recurring character?

@mellific yes XD the bear seems to be sticking around a lot

@korokke aw i love them and i hope they have a good trip <3

@korokke - I have done a lot of screen-print too and now I do digital comics - happy to have you here in the federation!

@korokke OH NOOOOO your postcards are adorable! I have to join right now immediately!