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I will not draw the chairs.
otherwise I'm missing knobs on the stove but I couldn't find reference of what they look like yet so I'll just leave it.

I turned my coffee table into a kotatsu with a cheap ceramic heat panel, I regret not doing this sooner.

I tried streaming tonight and I don't think the stream quality was very good, but it was more like getting myself to paint. I wonder if I should do regular streams. I still haven't found a way to set up the camera so that my hand doesn't block too much as I painted, though I found a way to set the camera on top without collapsing on me.

why is there a "follow request" when I'm not a private account...

@korokke Your postcard arrived a few days ago :D I'm glad I was able to get a spot in the postcard club

it's so much easier to cheer on other people than yourself

I ate all the eggplants, so no more paintings of them. it's fine.

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