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I tried streaming tonight and I don't think the stream quality was very good, but it was more like getting myself to paint. I wonder if I should do regular streams. I still haven't found a way to set up the camera so that my hand doesn't block too much as I painted, though I found a way to set the camera on top without collapsing on me.

why is there a "follow request" when I'm not a private account...

@korokke Your postcard arrived a few days ago :D I'm glad I was able to get a spot in the postcard club

it's so much easier to cheer on other people than yourself

I ate all the eggplants, so no more paintings of them. it's fine.

some still life paintings.
the orange and lemons, and bananas were from photos, and the eggplants and avocado tomatoes were things from my fridge. You can definitely see more colour depth from looking at real life, also no one decided the composition or camera angle but myself.

and I opened a few more spots for my patreon. I had to close it off early last month because I ran out of prints...

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