I didn't join the postcard club until waaay too late, but @korokke , I've been framing all the ones I've got. I love them. πŸ₯°

Here We Are's scrappy animated trailer for the non-existent anime version of the webcomic is done πŸ˜‚

πŸ‘€ dirchansky.com/hwa (free to read online!)

πŸ“– lovelovehill.com (limited, handbook printed book)

#HWAnimation #HWAcomic #mastoart #animation

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Here are some #ballpointpen #drawing.
Basically some observation stuff to losen up a little I made in the early 2020.

It's just some things that were on my table at the time.

#watercolor #mastoart

patreon the platform is really tiring. every few months they propose a change in billing and payment that raises anxiety instead of improving their poor GUI. It's like they are just trying to find a way to squeeze more money out of the existing pool. I haven't even promoted my own beyond pasting a link to new post in sns, like do I even want to increase dependence on the platform that may eventually upend themselves?

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