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It is down right now, wouldn't it be great if it remains down forever.


I upgraded from surface pro to a large pen display because of a sale and then windows update killed my surface pro for the 3rd time (or 4th?) it makes me feel that my purchase was slightly more justified but I have great difficulty at adapting to digital (I can only bw comic but not colour illustration) so I've been using the large pen display as a normal monitor instead for having reference photos while I paint in watercolour and I should have just bought a normal monitor.

my frankendesk that was a tiny ikea micke desk but I added a large closet door and another cabinet door to make it wider and deeper, and then another cabinet door on top to make a slant table except it's still difficult to sit at

Submissions are open for πŸ”₯ Comrade HimboπŸ”₯ , an upcoming printed comics anthology about big-hearted, socially conscious hunks of all genders railing against the violence of capitalism (paid project) πŸ’ͺ

I'm still alive but I have nothing of interest to post ☺️

New comic anthology preview for my masto fam :)

✨✨ BLTease ✨✨

BOYS LOVE πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨ x TROPE Comic Anthology πŸ‘“

Featuring @10thcard, Maguro, and @dirchansky

Cover: will be screenprinted (design and art by
Binding: handbound perfect
Insides: ~52 pages b/w

#TCAF2020 was meant to start yesterday!

I am somewhat relieved I don't have to bind bazillion books because it probably takes ~2h to bind each one and they're still *VERY* handmade scrappy looking haha. I tore some of the cover while threading things together yesterday HAHA.

I appreciate the interest so far :). The comic can also be read for free online~

#HWAcomic #mastoart #makingcomics #webcomic #webcomics

My latest belugachop postcard matches stuff on my desk 🀩

my lovely frogs I've been making during quarantine

the tactile feeling of drawing on paper is very nice

upgrade 2 

but there is also nothing wrong with the laptop other than the wifi adapter and Bluetooth, there isn't really a reason to upgrade it other than the screen is bad quality that it doesn't show the whole spectrum of colour, and it could easily be fixed with an extra monitor but that's even more stuff to be stuck on these non-desks surfaces, it really feels like when I finally make it ergonomic I'd have spent at least 2k on this, so I downgraded back to drawing on paper for now.

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I don't know if I hurt my shoulders too much from drawing and it's been at least 3 weeks and they still hurt. I am so tempted to upgrade the ergonomics of everything, like getting a monitor arm to raise up the work surface etc and then realized that I can't install it unless I also get a new desk. My laptop's wifi is fucked so it's been stuck at a specific corner for LAN so I also thought about either getting replacement parts but it's 8 years so it's time to get a new computer???? idk

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