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Hi I'm Wai. I am a comic artist and do screenprinting.

My main project is a monthly postcard club where I send people silkscreen printed postcards every month.

Otherwise I draw and self-publish comics with Love Love Hill. lovelovehill.com/

mastodon.art/media/oADRh6f3mGA mastodon.art/media/YP_Ae0DGz_e mastodon.art/media/BlzmsfVNqso mastodon.art/media/QUlvQUCZvbr

I think the temporary pause on figure skating helped my stuff getting seen on social media, but I wonder why they scheduled it like this

I'm done the thinking/sketching part of the comics and now I have to finalize and ink it and I don't want to LOL

one of the things I hate about doing commissions is that there's always this super long dragged out email chain that you're not sure if they are still on it, I thought you said you have a timeline, can I just move on

@korokke I should have said stans are scary...

there are sukeotas that are not stans and they are chill.

I love Denis but I'm not a stan? just a regular fan I guess???????

I met sukeota today it's kind of scary lol
it's one thing to hold strong opinions about things you love and another thing to hold extremely strong opinions about things you hate.

although I realized why I was rather excited about boyang getting gold at 4cc and it wasn't because he's Chinese. there's a lot of subjective bias, I'm full of them but I don't assign scores.

I just want one of the uncles to win gold. or just let hanyu keep them forever until he also becomes an uncle. I'm fine with it

I should have more confidence in my Japanese since I just chatted in it 😂😂😂 omg

technically it hasn't ended yet because I haven't watched the exhibition yet lol 🙃 I can also watch women's and pair skating, I just feel that I'm not equipped with the emotional capacity for all of them hahahahaha

I'm still thinking about 4cc 😭

I actually got lazy with the left side of the street so I just left it mastodon.art/media/lpR6HsI5zss

sometimes I think my biggest failure is not picking a thing and sticking with it. so I have comics, printmaking, brush and ink, watercolour, oil painting, digital illustration all going on at once. the medium does not make the artist, but I tend to approach everything differently depending on what I want to achieve so at the end it's all over the place.

but then I'd probably hate myself if I do end up painting only fish heads in the same composition for the rest of my life.

I painted fish heads today
I should use up all the canvas and canvas paper I have
I haven't painted on oil forever, and I sort of forgot how oil paint works. the yellow one was when I began to remember mastodon.art/media/JF7NBkac7bK mastodon.art/media/4G3iE8W90TV

thinking that people will probably like this particular joke because it's like implied smut is how exactly I veto it out
or should I just draw it

I was just scaring myself looking at apartment ads again.

I feel like I've definitely come a long way in a lot of things, but it's also like, what is the end goal? It is currently a vacuum where I am location-wise, and it's gonna get worse. And I think about moving out of montreal, and wondering, if a real job is really what I want? (no) but the stability can't be beat? I guess? but the current mental stability of not being employed under shitty people also can't be beat? ???? ??

the sink is clogged and now it's insomnia time