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Hi I'm Wai. I am a comic artist and do screenprinting.

My main project is a monthly postcard club where I send people silkscreen printed postcards every month.

Otherwise I draw and self-publish comics with Love Love Hill. lovelovehill.com/

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if this was work, I'd be sending daily reminder emails like an emotionless machine.

I hate it when people don't reply to emails. I'm giving you stuff, there is no difficult decision making in this, just reply to me. I hate this silence.

#TCAF THIS WEEKEND! I’m also on a panel about #comics as a side hustle on Friday via Word Balloon Academy!

I’ll be at the ❀️Love Love Hill table 221❀️ this weekend with the comics below! You can also grab the books online store.lovelovehill.com if you aren’t able to make it out 😭

I'm going to be at TCAF this weekend table 221!!!
You can preorder our comics on our site lovelovehill.com or come check them out at our table!!

I had so much problem screenprinting the covers yesterday but today I managed to make it happen.

I think I'll make this the default format of my books, since it is big enough to bind, but not so big that it is painful to collate.

I should consider not using such a painful approach though. Like stop screenprinting everything. but I like how it turned out.

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I went to Stars On Ice, it was really great 😭 πŸ’– and then I came back and got Skate Canada tickets.. somewhere close to the kiss & cry.... end me.

(from a person who time and lateness anxiety)

I need to learn to make monetizable things.

I feel inappropriate saying it anywhere, because it's technically just salt and spite and nothing else. I do technically need help with this amount of printing, but I will just refuse to let someone /help/. I can only hope that by making everything work this year will erase that terrible scar from last year, but current feelings point to that it will never be undone.

I should have let everything crash and burn last year and it wouldn't be my fault. Now I just get this anxiety.

2 other zines that will be at our #lovelovehill table at #tcaf may 12-13 2018!

Plant Fever 2 🌱 includes autobio comics/illos about plant parenthood

Shrimperific 🦐 is a mini zine about freshwater aquarium shrimp! Comics and illo about 6 types of shrimp!!

#Mastoart #comic #comics #zine

I'm getting to the state of mind where I hate everything.. due to pms πŸ™‚

I need to draw things that I can sell LMAO

Sometimes I envy people who can actually sell pdfs of their sketchbook pages, because I can't. My sketchbook is mostly stick man with illegible writings.

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Swapped desk fan and alarm clock with cactus and curry plate. The room is also under 300 polys. πŸ˜‚