patreon the platform is really tiring. every few months they propose a change in billing and payment that raises anxiety instead of improving their poor GUI. It's like they are just trying to find a way to squeeze more money out of the existing pool. I haven't even promoted my own beyond pasting a link to new post in sns, like do I even want to increase dependence on the platform that may eventually upend themselves?

the last few days art twitter was filled with ....what do you call those. hot topics. reading them really makes me sick and tired of existing.

I'm trying to update my website and I'm just looking at these 20 paintings and being like, yeah there's a lot but none of them are really portfolio materials πŸ€” I'd upload all of them here right now but that's like spamming so I'll space them out.

Some extremely cheesy and wholesome #HWAcomic 4-panel comics to celebrate an anniversary 😊

(spoilers for chapters 11) if you want to read the main plot!

I'm cursed... much like jjk is about curses... cursed to fall into another fandom.

bird site 

It is down right now, wouldn't it be great if it remains down forever.

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