faerie fire. πŸ”₯

commission over on twitter of BitterOath's character aoife!

my commissions are still open, by the way!

@koloquials haha alright it posted out of order last time πŸ˜…

[rt’s immensely appreciated!]
hiya friends, i’m opening up commissions! paypal only, please email directly at silver.ink.dragon@gmail.com or dm on any site to get in touch! 🌟 thank you!!

life is a pattern. we may learn from it, anticipate it. but we may never change it.

(by the way i was thinking of opening commissions soon! just in case anyone was interested)

you always were amazing at self-sabotage.

this is my dnd oc revenel. they're a horrible bard and fine, probably.

save screen! every good merchant needs an equally good ledger to log their day to day happenings

thank you everyone for liking my art, aah it honestly warms my heart so much. i hope you're all having a swell day! 🌟 ✨

heya, i'm kolo and i'm a game designer and illustrator. i love ocs and telling stories with friends - as well as meeting new ones!

thank you for giving me a look, and let's chat!


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