Hey all--I'm doing a limited number of digital portrait commissions. 100% of proceeds will benefit March for Our Lives and Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund. See link below.



There's just no good way of getting the smell of vulture out of one's clothes. 🙃

New profile pic, because my old one was super polished and shiny and the complete opposite of what I usually do. XD

Got addicted to watching streams from @kaerhon! Now my is art streams & a 🍹 beverage of choice. Currently enjoying the arting of @klawter after work: m.twitch.tv/thewishingwellgame
Y’all should definitely tune into more art streams!

via: mastodon.art/@klawter/99214995

My brain can finally focus on reading again, so I've been reading the fuck out of some good good books. What are y'all reading? Anything good? I need those sweet recs.

One of our Pathfinder party members put together a group pic using the character art I made of us. And it's rad as hell.

From our podcast: swordofnerdom.com

&d mastodon.art/media/Q5MVum1yFVj

🔴 twitch.tv/keyink/

Setting up now. Working on Patreon Rewards and stuff. Might be uploading artwork later on down the road. :3

Tristan d’Ogier, paladin in training. He makes ALL the bad decisions. We yell at him a lot.

From podcast: www.swordofnerdom.com


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