I don't remember what the prompt was but I was doing some OC/NPC sketches because of who I am as a person. I'd like to do more polished work soon though. :artcathmm:

nsfw, nudity 

I hope the content warning works on mobile (haven’t used it before) :artsweats: :artcathmm: anyway here’s a sanki, my warrior of light, i do in fact love drawing men in lingerie and should do more of it. :18only: :100_gay:

mr ice man, ice me a man... this ghiaccio kitten was a patreon reward. thank you!

i moved flats like 1.5 years ago and only now released my husband from his box

hello i am kisse! (he/him) behold! i draw and paint, mostly for work but sometimes also for my own gay trans needs. (that’s the catboys and vampires section) nice to meet you 👋✨🖤

won’t forget the hashtag this time

yeehaw i’m kisse (he/him) and i draw and paint!

feel free to perceive my gay trans range currently limited to the files i had on my phone 🥀

a small friend! this is a c-word i made with the prompt of kitten giorno giovanna. thank you 🖤

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