Hi! Figured out I should try this site. I like to tell stories and draw a whole lot of ocs.

@kinixuki ooh, wow, the background in that last one, i love it!
and the entire mood of the second one!

@Morthern thanks!! I like painting infinite amount of leaves haha

@kinixuki I really like the feeling that came from your art. The second image reminds me a little of Chris Riddell's work.

@Sylvhem aaa thanks! I always have to google the name because I'm ridiculously bad with those but I love his work ;v;

@kinixuki To be fair, I just looked up to Wikipedia for his name, even if I really like his work ·_·.

@Sylvhem haha I have like 3 artists people usually mention when they look at this kind of work, I still can't remember any of them but every time people mention someone I just go "is it that guy who illustrated this, or the guy who did that, or someone I didn't hear about until now?"

@kinixuki yess your work is beautiful, thank you for bringing it here!

@kinixuki Hi, welcome here !

Your drawing are reaaly nice, they lift up a real fantasy atmosphere.

At first I read "draw a whole lot of oRcs"... instead of "ocs" (sorry I'm french... I don't even know that word.)
Anyway... Really nice art. Of "not orcs". :)

@kinixuki Nice. Reminds me of Tony Diterlizzi's D&D and MtG work.

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