Really wanted to design one of the rooms where Narya lived, except the drawing on paper ended up way too small for me to add any proper details and everyone is real tiny

Drew this a while back and then wasn’t sure about how to color it, so after making several variations over past few months I decided to just finish it.

Turns out I forgot to upload this one as well! Wooch and Ibun in my modern/tearoom AU

There are things like fave characters and then there's Ardyn and his 1000 layers of hobo clothing. I love this guy and I also want to punch him really hard.

Finally got to play FFXV and Prompto is one of my faves, which surprises absolutely no one.

Bip the Space Pirate! For a character design contest on DeviantArt. He's a bird who dreamed of becoming a space pirate so he followed his dream no matter how much others laughed at him or said that birds can't be space pirates. Follow your dreams guys.

My space kid Temu with friends, featuring me still being distracted by my 0.05 pen and some random organic nonsense.

Every October I remember I have some really nice pens and doodle for a while, and then I forget about them for another year. I also didn't draw Kiwi's moa for a while, so there she is. They're all ready to fight for their food.

Had a dream about my OCs few days ago, and then I grabbed a pencil and there was no one to stop me

Wip for my piece for Warframe zine (Warframe_Zine on twitter)! I like drawing markets.

Doodle of my sylvari Kiwi from Guild Wars 2, I've been having hard time finishing anything other than doodles lately :l

Quick doodle of my OC Ibun, who was originally an undead sylvari in GW2. Now he's also a human, so he can make even more people want to throw him through a wall in different universes!

Definitely didn't forget about mastodon yet again, and now it looks all different. Here's a forest thing I painted few months back!

I forgot about posting here right after my first post :l Have an older doodle of Natu.


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