I've become and this is the biggest pixel art thing I've created so far. It's a window space scape for a side scrolling RTS game called "Apophis-01".

Pointillism effect. Experiments in #vvvv. These were originally coded in a different interface, wanted to try out vvvv's mode of realtime development. Was really really interesting. #creativecoding #codeart #mastoart

Thank you to everyone who has followed and boosted my stuff recently🥰✨

I know I’m new on here, but I wanted to post a post too!

This is a post for some fun character art, but I also offer semi-realistic portraits, Twitch panels and channel art, chibis, and any personas! I LOVE doing portraits for OCs as well as real people (perfect for gifts!) 💌✨

Check my site for more info: miniestation.com/comms

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Thank you for your support!! 🥰♥️✨

Trying out different styles/techniques. Somehow ended up with Pebbles Flintstone, but I don’t hate it. (Kinda love it. Kinda wanna do art for Betty and Wilma too. 😍)

My name’s Minie, and I’m a digital artist.
Currently, I’m trying to escape the PNW. I spend my time playing video games, ghosting people (dw, only irl), and trying to remember things I’ve forgotten. Lately I’ve focused on exploring and understanding color in my own art. ❤️🧡💛
I’m trying out Mastodon cuz a friend recommended it to me (katwylder@mastodon.art)!

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Some portraits I’ve been working on recently. I really need to figure out what to put in an intro post. 😰💦


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