Dragon born commissions for twitter.com/thelawfulgeek

The first is Thania Brightsong who is based off of Satine Phoenix and the warrior is Kardash Gleamscale.

These were a blast to draw especially Thania and as weird as it sounds I really like how her neck came out.

A commission of a player's platinum dragonborn by the name of Valthir.

Fun fact about this piece: This drawing was done in 5 minute increments, which is an anything but a fun way to work.

Here’s a commission of a player’s character named Raff in the style. This was such a fun piece to do. AND….. you too can commission me for artwork! Just email me at kim.stramat@gmail.com and I will get back to you with a price.

I sketched a few others that maybe I'll do something with in a month or so

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