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New ferris emoji for @shello !

(I'll make another post when it's uploaded to

:ferris: :ferris_smile: :ferris_worried: :ferris_thinking: :ferris_question: :unsafe_ferris: :ferris_party:

I didn't waste my time customizing my terminal welcome screen, did I.

9h45m. Stopping for today cause it's really late, but hopefully I'll still have it in me to carry on tomorrow.

The section I shared previously still exists. This is just all the new stuff I made. 2nd drop, and half a chorus-y thing which reaches -3.8 LUFS at some points which is like holy shit nice.

I am super happy with how this is coming along. Looking forward to sharing the finished thing within the next couple of days!!

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*someone* made me find an ancient project I made when I was 12 and inadvertently sent me on another little nostalgia trip and I stumbled upon this unexpected banger that for some reason didn't get uploaded to Funkwhale.

Like this is surprisingly good given I was 11 holy shit

The visualizer thing on the audio file player looks really sick.
Can I customize them though

Studies without a line, for those trying to lose their illustrator addictions, are as challenging as they are hopeless.

Sketch reward for one of my Patreons for supporting me for 12 months, based on one of their photos 😁

a creature going nowhere 5 different ways. it may also be able to do some other things soon enough

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