Blinding Lights but everything you hear are all saw waves (including the percussions)

Aerial perspective is everything, so much depth just through subtle value and hue shifts. Tried to do the reference justice, learned a lot while working on this one. Painted in .

I enjoyed painting a background character way more than I should have with the main.

when that error appears in your code for the 20th time in a row


1 = I seriously hate you
2 = I dislike you
3 = I don’t know you
4 = Mutual
5 = Don’t talk but chill
6 = Should talk more
7 = Wanna be friends?
8 = Friend
9 = Great friend
10 = Best friend forever
11 = I love you
12 = in my bed NOW

Comment and I will give you a score.

i wrote a game!

it is about three untrustworthy suspects each separately testifying to committing the same murder. it is a game about insincerity and being sincere. it is a game about how recollection itself is a kind of performance.

(RTs appreciated!)

Summer is coming...
Family outing and two special guest. non canon.

This will be coloured ...hopefully I finish this till summer is here. 😅

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