Nice to see more performing artists in the fediverse!

@kenn Good choices. D.va got me out of silver when I mained her. You a pc player or console?

@Alumina Pc! Switched from Xbox over the summer and was silver, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t finished my placement matches, but I’d say skill wise I’m likely bronze right now 😅

@kenn Nothing wrong with that. On my main account Im a plat tank main. On my DPS account im a high silver, so if you need help in comp, I can at least get you out of bronze :blob_laughing:

@Alumina I’ll be busy with exams and volunteering (idk why I do these things to myself at inopportune times) but once I get to winter break I’ll DM you my gamer ID!

@kenn Good luck with your schedule and let me know when you're free :ablobcool:

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