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I'm H-P! Trans comics artist from Finland.

I work for webtoons.com with my previous title Immortal Nerd and the upcoming one Life Outside the Circle!

I'm HPLehkonen in all social medias, twitter, tumblr, facebook, snapchat, instagram...

I have a ko-fi so you can support me!

Hi, I'm Curli and I draw a variety of things when I'm not completely overwhelmed by college. My work mainly features WOC, nature, and space!
I can be found on
Twitter: twitter.com/curlyqueued
Tumblr: curlisdrawings.tumblr.com

Hey! I'm Megs and I'm an artist (and lurker 👀) from Alberta, Canada. I work with both digital and traditional medium, primarily with inks and watercolours. I used to frequent dA years ago as Crazys. Nice to meet you!

You can find me at comiclysmic.tumblr.com

mastodon.art/media/MTB2Uj-WYJW mastodon.art/media/E1hf8TSlT1r mastodon.art/media/fHSevsW7t9k mastodon.art/media/dCL7EJ6v09-

Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m a current sophmore at Montserrat College of Art. I love cartoons and comics and I’d really like to go into the latter field someday. I draw all kinds of stuff but specialize in silly slice-of-life nonsense about young adults. Nice to meet you! c:

instagram.com/kelly_zine mastodon.art/media/aewC72VxYj9 mastodon.art/media/cSsfOuJzVSd mastodon.art/media/f81C_MpFjED mastodon.art/media/vs1IQdZS-_Q


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