*goes on federated timeline and sees untagged porno*

oh yea forgot about that

i am also here again.
man it's something else how the internet is imploding

I really like character design in Almost A Hero so I sketched Vexx <3 the tiny pic is the original art from the game!

some doodles from today. Some stuff of characters (npcs) I've created, and one of my characters, Mercedes

Will you take my hand as we fly through hyperspace? Will you hold me as physics improbable carry us from here to there?

Lovers, it is said, should never travel through wormholes on their own. There are bonds that are not meant to be wrapped around space time.

We'll arrive there before most, you know. A new world.

I'll wait for you in the departure lounge, wearing my best outfit. I hope you will wear yours too. There are places we must go, and we must go there together.

#writing #flashfiction

getting a small headache so a nap is in order. enjoy this of a star girl i did a few months back

Hi I'm Alli I'm an artist in Northern California trying her dang best!
I : Magic, robots, solarpunk, and awesome combat scenes!

Here's some other sites I'm on:
儭 artbyalliward.tumblr.com

Like my art and want to support me in my artistic endeavors? I take commissions and have a ko-fi. Either way is immensely appreciated ﹦﹦

儭 ko-fi.com/artbyalliward

So let's give this a try!

Hello! I'm Joana aka SleepyJane! I'm a portuguese illustrator currently freelancing.

I do commissions though currently they are closed (will hopefully open them soon!).

I draw quite a bit of fanart. Right now I'm really into Critical Role and IDW's Transformers.

You can also find me at:

Please enjoy my work! 歹

mastodon.art/media/wmfPoDPpU-G mastodon.art/media/NHHpQD6Md2o mastodon.art/media/4vOk78hLdcN mastodon.art/media/edLSCawdqmR

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