People in creative careers/artists: What helped you learn to deal with criticism of your work? What are the most helpful tips you received/want to pass on? #mastoart

@rixx I think the most important things are:
1) Not to take critique/criticism of your work as criticism of yourself as a *person.*
2) Learn what useful critique looks like, and learn where to get it.
3) If your work is hurtful to a group of people, they may not be "nice" in pointing that out to you. However, that doesn't automatically mean their criticism is wrong.
4) When someone provides useful critique, thank them for their time. Especially if it's about a social issue.


@rixx To expand on #2, *useful* critique is critique that helps you accomplish your goal for a piece.

✅ Good crit: "The value range in this painting is low. Increasing the contrast will make things pop!"

✅ Good crit: "You said you want a sad feeling for this painting, but the bright colors convey a cheerful mood. Maybe you should try a different palette."

❌ Bad crit: "Sheep aren't rainbow-colored. You should draw it realistically."

❌ Bad crit: "You should draw in a different style."

@katwylder @rixx I think people don't know how. It seems so commonplace.

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