A reminder to keep an eye on your as summer heats up! 🐱 [thread]

Cats don't regulate their thirst like dogs or humans.

In the wild, cats get most of their moisture from food, like rodents. When they're thirsty, their 1st instinct is to eat, not drink.

Many cats are also picky about their water source. They don't like water that's close to their food or water that's stagnant. (Could be contaminated.)

❗ Make sure they have fresh, clean water at all times. Provide wet food, if you can.

If your cat is allowed outdoors, make sure to keep them inside on the hottest days for their own safety. (No matter how much they beg to go out!)

And learn the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion in cats. It can be life-threatening, and cats are just as susceptible to it as dogs.

- Panting or rapid breathing
- Restlessness
- Drooling
- Excessive grooming
- Sweaty paws
- Bright red gums and tongue
- Vomiting
- Stumbling
- Unresponsiveness
- High fever
- Collapse
- Extreme lethargy

If your cat displays signs of heatstroke, you should get them to a veterinarian immediately!

Try to cool your cat down while you transport them. If the cat is conscious, try to get it to drink water. You can also wet down their fur with cool water, or cover them with cool, wet towels.

DON'T try to cool a heat-exhausted cat with ice packs or ice-cold water. The sudden temperature change can cause shock.

To prevent heatstroke, make sure your cat has access to plenty of water or wet food, and is able to go to the coolest parts of your home.

Cats often like places such as sinks or an empty bathtub, because the material stays cool. So if you find your cat lying in an unusual spot, let them cool off!

On especially hot days, you can also wet down their fur. They might not enjoy it, but it will help them stay cool, since they can't sweat all over like we do.

I hope this helps you keep your kitties stay safe and cool this summer, fedi friends!

Please give them each a little scritch behind the ears for me 💖 🐱

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