Who are some of your favourite artists on here? I'd love to see their work :)


@samsantala Too many to list, but I'll give it a go!

@anaisfae 's beautiful ink and watercolors

@sylvia_ritter 's brilliant animal pieces

@pollomostro makes the cutest paintings

@korokke creates beautiful post cards

@erbmaster 's vibrant, fantasy animals

@Ellteo has the cutest drawings and doodles

@vanhaase paints the most beautiful macabre art

@scoots is a master of big, soulful eyes

@katwylder omg i follow most of these people already except for a few 👀

@katwylder *cries only a lot*
I'm honestly hONOURED TO BE MENTIONED,,,, TY,,,!! ❤️ :lies_down:

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