The fediverse is truly anarchy at its finest.

Make a post about a fun thing you learned to do, and suddenly people from countries you've never been to, on continents you've never seen are chiming in with:

"I also like that thing!"
"How can I learn the thing?"
"What do you like most about this thing?"
"I have a recipe for this thing!"
"Here's another thing you might like to learn, too!"

No one and nothing can stop us from sharing skills and hobbies that enrich our lives and communities! :fediverse:

@katwylder ^^^^ this!!!! I thought it was cool when the occasional rando on twitter replied to something, but dang on the :fediverse: it’s a whole other level. Everybody is so friendly and varied!

@katwylder and don't forget the boosts and friends you end up making on the way! :blobaww:

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