Speaking of DIY skills and such, I think soap and bread are two of the top "it's easier* than it sounds" things you can make and enjoy a direct, material benefit from.

For example, I used to think you needed a bread machine to make bread. Then I realized, "That can't be right. People have made bread for thousands of years."

I think the process of making things like that has become kind of obscured from us in modern life. But you really can just go out and Make A Thing.

@katwylder Do you find that soapmaking particularly saves money or otherwise has tangible benefits over buying soap?

I already make my own bread (no-knead overnight-rise); it's both tastier and significantly cheaper than buying at the store, and going no-knead means it doesn't take more than ten minutes work.

But soap... looks like quite a bit more work, and oil's a lot more expensive than flour.

@katwylder @qwertystop Hi, can you DM me that no-knead, overnight-rise bread recipe? That sounds right up my alley. :D
Also, this thread is amazing, this is what the 'net was made for. IMHO. 🍞


@AesAthena @qwertystop

Breadworld.com has a whole category of no-knead recipes, too!

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@katwylder @qwertystop D: I wanna go with something tried and true and reco'd by an individual. I get easily overwhelmed by gatherings of recipes. LIke...*WAVE OF BABIES except replace BABIES with RECIPES*
But I will bookmark that link. Breadworld sounds like it belongs next to Spatula City.

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