I know everyone hates twitter, but if you have an account and you're looking for work, now's a good time to join the tag.

Pick 3-4 pieces you're proud of, that represent the work you want to do. (I.e., if you're an aspiring character artist, post characters. Don't just post environments.)

Make sure to actually say what you want to work in, if you're available, and where clients can find you IN your tweet! I.e., email, portfolio site links, etc.

Good luck, everyone!

I mention all this because as much as twitter sucks, art directors and other employers DO check twitter tags like this for artists they'd like to work with.

@katwylder thanks! I always feel kind of nervous about that stuff though 😫


@comicsbyemily If you would like a second pair of eyes on your post, I'm happy to help. 👍

@katwylder thanks, maybe next time! I'm not entirely looking for work at the moment, but in a few months I will be.

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