@Rheall has been really generous sharing her demi heart emoji. So I was inspired to make a few more pride hearts, as well!

No credit needed! Have fun with them, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

I made a second version of the for a good friend of mine. This one features yellow and purple sparkles for and NB-loving lesbians!

As always, no credit needed! :cc_nc_us:

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@katwylder These are SO GOOD, thank you!!

Think you could make a demisexual one?? ☺️

@katwylder We also have non-sparkly hearts of the aro :heart_aro: and gender fluid :heart_genderfluid: flags, if you're looking for more suggestions!

@Mirrorreaper Can you link me to an example of the flag/colors? I'm sadly not familiar with that one



The colours are...interesting. but it is what it is. I ID as aro...Except one legit celebrity crush thats p. Intense. So aro or procul are the only things that fit. Dont know who coined it. 🤗

@Mirrorreaper Thank you for the link and for educating me. 😊

Here is the sparkly heart ! No credit required. Enjoy, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

@katwylder Stealing the nonbinary heart for our Discord server! :rainbowdance:

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