@Rheall has been really generous sharing her demi heart emoji. So I was inspired to make a few more pride hearts, as well!

No credit needed! Have fun with them, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

I will make more, so please feel free to send requests!

I made a second version of the for a good friend of mine. This one features yellow and purple sparkles for and NB-loving lesbians!

As always, no credit needed! :cc_nc_us:

@TheUniqueLee It's a nice design, and I'm glad to see it's got a focus on inclusion. Here you go!

No credit needed. Have fun with it, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

@katwylder ohh i never said thank you???
So saying it now, thank you so much for making this!!
My friends have enjoyed it's use a lot and really appreciate it!!

@katwylder These are SO GOOD, thank you!!

Think you could make a demisexual one?? ☺️

@katwylder We also have non-sparkly hearts of the aro :heart_aro: and gender fluid :heart_genderfluid: flags, if you're looking for more suggestions!

@Mirrorreaper Can you link me to an example of the flag/colors? I'm sadly not familiar with that one


The colours are...interesting. but it is what it is. I ID as aro...Except one legit celebrity crush thats p. Intense. So aro or procul are the only things that fit. Dont know who coined it. 🤗

@Mirrorreaper Thank you for the link and for educating me. 😊

Here is the sparkly heart ! No credit required. Enjoy, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

@mercury To use on mastodon, it needs to be added to your instance's emoji library by an admin. Then, you can just click it from the dropdown list or type out the short code for it like any other emoji!

@katwylder Stealing the nonbinary heart for our Discord server! :rainbowdance:

@katwylder you made one with the progress flag by Daniel Quasar! I backed the kickstarter for that 😍

@Tris_the_mouse It's a beautiful design! And it's very important to me to include our *entire* community! 😊

@katwylder I really love these, they're all so cute! Have you done demigender ones? :demiboy_flag: :demigirl_flag:

@artGhost I have not yet, but I'm happy to add them. 😊

@artGhost Here they are! Two pride sparkle hearts for demi genders.

No credit needed. Enjoy, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

@Nephilim I haven't. I think that's best left to someone who's part of the kink community.

But the emojis are all CCNC, :cc_nc_us: so feel free to make your own variants. 🙂

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