Hey, mastopeeps! I could use some advice. (Boosts appreciated!)

After 8 long years, I have to replace my Intuos 4. Should I shell out for a current Intuos? Look for another Intuos 4 on ebay? Or try a different brand?

I'm open to using a non-wacom tablet, but I don't know which ones are good for intensive use with digital painting.

Ideally, I'd like to find one that's tilt-capable. Has anyone caught up to wacom on that feature?

Getting another Intuos 4 in good condition seems like the safest option, but I'm a little paranoid there's a software problem going on. 😰

Of course, I tested this tablet on 4 different computers and 2 different operating systems. I always experience the same problem with it, so that makes me think it's a hardware problem.

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@katwylder I recommend you to try the ipad pro at the nearest apple store, it's really good and you have some great drawing software for him like comic draw, clip studio paint, sketchbookpro, procreate and even affinity photo and affinity designer

@erenito I'm actually looking for a drawing tablet not the "small computer" type of tablet. Thanks, tho!

@erenito @katwylder I second the iPad Pro. I am a convert from Wacom after they stopped supporting my tablet on newer OSes. I still use the Wacom some but do most of my drawing on the iPad. I am a recent Clip Studio Pro convert so having it on my iPad and desktop is brilliant! Procreate is also a very good app. There are a few other good options as well. Rough Animator is a decent animation tool. The ability to take it with you is a great bonus.

@thedaemon I'm not looking for anything like an ipad.

I'm looking for a *drawing* tablet. Thanks

@katwylder I was linked this helpful website on here before!
it's really good for price and brand comparissons qvq9

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