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@Rheall has been really generous sharing her demi heart emoji. So I was inspired to make a few more pride hearts, as well!

No credit needed! Have fun with them, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:

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Hey, new friends and followers, I'm Kat! I'm a freelance (aka, professional art gremlin).

I specialize people, animals, and /#fantasy. I also create maps for !

Some of my other interests are:
🔹 & other ttgs
🔹 supporting & encouraging artists!

I'm always happy to talk about art and technique with anyone, and help where I can. We're all in this together!

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@Curator What helped me when I really wanted to draw but no line seemed to come out right are "warm up sketches", but nothing too complicated.
Just fill a page/screen with horizontal lines as quick as you can from right to left vise versa, then the same with vertical lines. Trying to get as close to the one before, doesn't have to look like its drawn with a ruler. Then to finish this warm up off, circles. Start with a big one, draw one inside of it, staying as close to the one before.

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ATTENTION ARTISTS! 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 We're looking to collaborate with illustrators who want to make a difference through their art! If this is you, please comment with a link to your portfolio by March 5. Must be 18+ to be considered


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Fun times in CSP here we go 😂
So have you ever tried to blend two colors but can't find the swatch that's an exact mix of the two?

Simple! Go to window > intermediate color
In those big squares put the colors you want and boom!

The alternative is approximate color where you can take your coloring swatch and change the brightness + saturation of a color.

Go to Window > approximate color for that one :3c

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Using blue pencil to sketch out the basic structure before drawing over it with grey pencil.

It allows for very rough sketching without having to erase it. After scanning, you can separate the image into RGB with a photo editing program, and the blue layer yields a clean sketch, ready to ink.

(Basically the non-repro blue approach, except that with the computer, 'just' blue works fine.)

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Good morning, happy Thursday!

Let's exchange some wisdom today ^.^ :frida_y_animalitos:

Share a piece of advice, or a tip, from your preferred style of working. It could be something you wished you'd known when you started out, a nifty hack you've discovered yourself that others could benefit from - anything you think might be useful to people starting out in that field!

:bob_ross: :mastoart:

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@Curator A general rule of thumb:

If you have a warm light, you have a cool shadow. The shadow can often be the complimentary colour of your light. And vice versa for both of these.

You have warm yellow sunlight? 💛 Try a cool, purple shadow! 💜

Cool, blueish light? 💙 Try a warmer, orangey shadow. 🧡

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it can really help break out of the shadow=black idea and give more depth to your shading. ☺️

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@Curator New photo with a bit of a different perspective just after I finished work for today (not an artist as a day job). And another picture even further away (other corner of my living room) - what would you call that little office nook? In german it's called "Erker" and I thought the english word oriel would be the correct translation for that, but I'm not sure.

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This is your reminder to go share that piece of artwork, post that selfie, go shoot your shot, or whatever silly little thing you were putting off for some reason. ✨

(Just keep it safe and consensual)

Day 41 of

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Here are some #ballpointpen #drawing.
Basically some observation stuff to losen up a little I made in the early 2020.

It's just some things that were on my table at the time.

#watercolor #mastoart

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@Curator I've recently read a few guides on Twitter which I've found helpful!

How to avoid same-face-syndrome:

Drawing East Asian Faces tutorial:

Not art-specific but general tutorial on black hair:

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Our current is by @brandkopf !

"I'm a hobbyist from Bavaria, doing traditional and digital illustrations. "

If you'd like your art to be featured, it needs to be 1500x500px, and you can toot it to us with the hashtag ^.^ You can include some info about yourself for us to share, or we'll pull it from your profile. :mastoart: :bob_ross:

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Leelumz Moving Castle 🗣🗣🗣

I posted this for my patreon subscribers last week, I’ve been itching to show more ppl! What do y’all think?

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Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

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Spiral Galaxy M66 from Hubble

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, Janice Lee; Processing & Copyright: Leo Shatz; Text: Karen Masters #APoD

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@Curator I'm working on a colourwork cardigan, and I've made it to the second sleeve! #knitting

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Moody skies, water reflections, and distant buildings for today's !

Recreate it in your style, sketch it for practice, use it as inspiration - and post your creations here :D :mastoart:


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je suis toujours ENTHOUSIASTE pour vos commandes de point de croix

ça prend du temps alors il faut un peu de budget :) (45e pour le lion de 7,5cm)

i'm still ENTHUSIASTIC for your cross stitch orders

it takes time so it costs money :) (45e for the 7.5cm lion)

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