life's been a bit nuts but I'm still finding time here and there to mess with this thing. Come with me on a virtual tour.


I build new rooms for this level when I need rooms to test something specific. For example, this is a room I built to test my skin material. It has nothing in it except a bunch of lights.

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Obviously there's the main room. Its main purpose is the water but it's the nicest lit room as well so I like to drop everything in here to make sure they match up and look nice.

This dramatic ritual room is where I test how my cel-shader reacts to coloured light. I'm not currently working with the cel-shader on anymore, and if I do stick it back on it'll probably be a very subtle iteration of it.

This is my room where I've been looking at how the grass reacts to different types of lighting. Also it has a fog portal card in the entrance.

and this is a room i made to just push stuff down some stairs. The end. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

@kataasgaard Thansk! that’s an impressive work, and it looks very smooth and nice.

Have fun pushing your universe forward! I’ll enjoy watching what you have to show about it for sure.

Thank you!! It is fun, I'm glad you enjoy seeing it!

@kataasgaard This is all really cool. Love the vibe of the ritual room though. These frogs xD

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