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I've wanted to join for a while! Here's a lil intro post?

I'm a 3D/2D artist, and I moonlight doing comic books. I like uuuuh... dogs. And drawing elves and stuff. :v

couldn't get any actionable feedback from my partner on this paintover until I said "the feeling I'm going for is Ponyo's dad, but sexier and shittier."

He was like "Aaaah I 100% gotcha" and now we're basically drift compatible.

and this is a room i made to just push stuff down some stairs. The end. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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This is my room where I've been looking at how the grass reacts to different types of lighting. Also it has a fog portal card in the entrance.

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This dramatic ritual room is where I test how my cel-shader reacts to coloured light. I'm not currently working with the cel-shader on anymore, and if I do stick it back on it'll probably be a very subtle iteration of it.

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Obviously there's the main room. Its main purpose is the water but it's the nicest lit room as well so I like to drop everything in here to make sure they match up and look nice.

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I build new rooms for this level when I need rooms to test something specific. For example, this is a room I built to test my skin material. It has nothing in it except a bunch of lights.

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life's been a bit nuts but I'm still finding time here and there to mess with this thing. Come with me on a virtual tour.

what's up we're two weeks into term 1 and my spare time has been either lesson prep I didn't have time to do at work, or sleep. Here's a chair I did for an exercise but kinda like tho

More messing with procreate. I'm really getting on with my tablet, I use it for work a lot too

I'm so mortified by myself even reading about brexit can't snap me out of it.

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I met the dean of my faculty/the boss of my boss for the first time today and unfortunately I had just packed a huge mouthful of egg and cress sandwich into my mouth as he walked into the room. Even more unfortunately, he beelined straight for me for introductions and I'm just there like

sorry about the spam but I started spreading the doodles apart on my document and they look...... so cute together, ;;; ;

Jumpsuit for the swimmy bod!

Work's been nuts, so it's been really nice to come home and unplug with some outfits for the fish. I think I'll mess with casual outfits next!

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ughhhhh it's like weeks till this campaign starts [weeps] I'm just gonna draw a bunch of outfits until then

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