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I've wanted to join for a while! Here's a lil intro post?

I'm a 3D/2D artist, and I moonlight doing comic books. I like uuuuh... dogs. And drawing elves and stuff. :v

More messing with procreate. I'm really getting on with my tablet, I use it for work a lot too

I'm so mortified by myself even reading about brexit can't snap me out of it.

I met the dean of my faculty/the boss of my boss for the first time today and unfortunately I had just packed a huge mouthful of egg and cress sandwich into my mouth as he walked into the room. Even more unfortunately, he beelined straight for me for introductions and I'm just there like

sorry about the spam but I started spreading the doodles apart on my document and they look...... so cute together, ;;; ;

Jumpsuit for the swimmy bod!

Work's been nuts, so it's been really nice to come home and unplug with some outfits for the fish. I think I'll mess with casual outfits next!

ughhhhh it's like weeks till this campaign starts [weeps] I'm just gonna draw a bunch of outfits until then

Most of the time working in a university is ok. Occasionally it is difficult and draining. And sometimes you just spend a day messing with mocap equipment.

I've decided that he vapes and blows the bubble gum scented smoke out of his gills because he's a big dork.

my ttrpg group is starting a new campaign soon and I'm thinking about my new character... I was trying to draw a less pretty character but i kept pulling back to pretty and then I was like yeahh I know what my bullshit is.

In a very strange turn of events I'm going to a house viewing today

uuuuh more plants! I think these are String of Buttons and Plover's Eggs but I dunno tbh.

Sorry all I post lately is plants. I'm very tired.

Look how hard this boi has worked in the past 3 weeks

I've been listening to Winter of the Witch and doodling so here are some spirit boys

i've been dunking my 3d child for the past half hour

I've been trying to fix this for two hours and what finally did it was importing the export back to Max, then exporting the imported fbx out from Max again and then into UE4. Then he is fine 🙃👍

This feels very in character. Smug asshole.

I've started making a more precise rig for this character! Unfortunately there's something up with the controls in the eyes but uuuh its Friday so

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