I restarted pathfinder: kingmaker twice because I kept fucking up Tristian's romance and not realising until it was too late.

I'm playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker a lot this past week, these are my fav bois who are always in my party.

Is it always appropriate to bring a goblin places? Absolutely not.

Emergency hammered out a 27 page tutorial after work so I thought today I'd have to throw in the towel... but I'm hanging on!!! :bob_ross:

Today my prompt was uncommon currency, I feel like it's important to mention this because a lot of these kinda came out looking like wafers and babybel cheeses

I'm really happy to have done a week of these so far, it has felt good to put aside time for work that is purely for my own enjoyment and be able to maintain that time through a really busy week...

I'm totally shattered so is a bit low effort today... but I'm happy I've stuck it out the week

I was in a whole bunch of meetings today so I had a lot of time to sketch lanterns for

been spending the weekend doing this Blueprint course but I obviously had to make sparkly marbles instead of following the instructions proper
I've mostly used UE for visual environment building instead of functional stuff but I wanna know MORE

Been a busy week but we are ready!!!! Taking a weekend for ourselves now before uni starts on Monday.

Pupser has been busy working as Office morale officer and Keeper of Squeaks.

tfw you remember that all your 3d newb tutorials are for Max 2016 and the interface is different in Max 2018 and it's a week till teaching starts

This past week has been a total dick week.

I wanted to paint some onions and now I've got this??

it's my turn to make the big boobers and the cheesecakes

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