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I've wanted to join for a while! Here's a lil intro post?

I'm a 3D/2D artist, and I moonlight doing comic books. I like uuuuh... dogs. And drawing elves and stuff. :v

I tried replaying kingmaker making different choices so I can see Amiri's entire story... but it turns out I can't not save this idiot first

Can't wait to play the new release of My Time at Portia this weekend omg release me from work

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i was just comparing chef Gusteau's round unreliable dad-role to the reliable square/round dad-role of Stoick and it all like, devolved from there

coworker: Can you finish this talk on shape language for tomorrow
me: ok
me two hours later: hi uh so my shape language talk is now an analysis of the plot of Ratatouille

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I'm just like... obsessed with symmetry art now, sorry

my friend said she was gonna pour my milk out if i didn't paint this so I slapped some colour on because there's a lot of milk in my fridge

board game doodles! Work's just been full steam ahead since we started back up on Monday so it was nice to touch down with some beer and cosmic horrors. I played a priest with dynamite.

I guess the downside to having so much beer after exposure to students is you become vulnerable to all the germs they chuck around because I'm def coming down with something now...

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catra is my fave but i have a soft spot for smol adora too💕😭

Gust is still my fav and I'm building his crazy duck pond now

Been chilling a lot with My Time At Portia this crimbo, it's a really sweet, wholesome Harvest Moon-ish game with so much heart. But what really sold me that small town feelin' was a by-note about the local architect passive aggressively mailing the newspaper a mere minute down the street. I was like ah yes, hashtag relatable small town drama!!

Uuuu the new phone is v nice to draw on so I've decided to just sit on the couch and eat mince pies and draw all hols bye

Me: I don't really need a cool phone
Phone: U can draw elves on me
Me: [grabby hands]

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