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I've wanted to join for a while! Here's a lil intro post?

I'm a 3D/2D artist, and I moonlight doing comic books. I like uuuuh... dogs. And drawing elves and stuff. :v

Norway has snow. I didn't pack with this in mind. I'm afraid Norway will defeat me this time.

She backed off right away, no match for my disgusting fusion of weaponised British confusion and Norwegian cutthroat directness

My first run in with one of my fellow countrymen was the bag drop clerk trying to tell me I hadn't paid for checked in luggage. Fortunately I came armed with a receipt and fake British politeness

I'm en route to Norway. I've not been back in the birth land for 4 years so stay tuned for a live reluctant reintroduction to the natural habitat.

These two events aren't related at all I'm just panicking

What up I'm flying to Norway tomorrow and here's a unicorn my coworker named

downloaded some music software because i always want to try New Things, here is my song, it increases anxiety, gave me a headache and may be cursed

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so proud to know enough blueprint to not have to look up anything to make a door open and shut. I am a simple gameboi.

give me your best "surviving shitty family in the sticks with no laptop for 3 days of unscheduled activity" tips

doodled this dude and I kinda low key want to model him now

me at work: I mean it's sad that grandad died yesterday but you know what's really sad? Having to buy a funeral appropriate dress when your favourite colour is yellow. Um no don't touch my feelings I put spikes on them for reasons
me at home: Eating ice cream in the bath tub while looking at pictures of boats because grandad loved boats

Haven't really felt the urge to do 3D for fun in like years, it kinda hit me tonight so I decided to squeeze the most value out of it possible and just... indulge myself with some elves ':v

This is a shape block so bits are floating but I don't really do details beyond this without retopping first for maximum smoooothness and control in my meshes

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