material tests and some doodles, work been keeping me mad busy but I'm excited to get back to this soon!

I've started GMing a game called Monster of the Week, these are some beasties my players have hunted

sculpt I've been working on over the winter break! The body/head is pretty much ready for retop, now I need to figure out the hair

I finished the Baldur's Gate 3 early access content, and I really love the vamp companion.

We enjoy a nice chaotic gremlin with -1 intelligence to spice up the situation.

decided to keep working on my quick sculpt from last week. Decided to kick the shit out of myself and do all the props with Zmodeler and now?? I weirdly like Zmodeler? Help

lil sculpt! I haven't sculpted in a while so it was nice to do.

I'm not planning to texture or retop this so I just went ham with the polypaint tbh.

I wrapped up my cloud game today! It sucks ass, but it's mine, and I learned a lot, so it's fine. Here's a lil video:

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What's up, I been binging She-ra and felt compelled to doodle a Double Trouble because seeing a nb character on TV was like... so cathartic

I decided to try a mini game jam this weekend... I'm trying to make a cloud bonsai thing. Next on my list is making branches cuttable when you snip them.

My able sisters have been selling front tie tees all week

I've been noodling with making chill synth music before bed to??? make my head shut up? Idk. I liked this one enough to upload it and I hope other people like it too!

Painted a lil cover for it too

doodling while playing Animal crossing is my new pastime :'v

For the second one I asked people to suggest me villagers to draw. I tried to pick a few that have a bit of a bad rep from those, I have a soft spot for weird villagers...

and this painting I did when my fav villager was moving in and I had to watch him sweep clouds for a whole day before we could hang out.

I really like the pacing of Animal Crossing but man, that was a test.

ngl my only creative output in the past few month is custom animal crossing pattern designs........

Work is closing up now and we're moving to working from home. Things are happening fast but we're ok.

Got a delivery of ferns for these terrariums today though. I think its important to make yourself some space to breathe, whatever that might be.

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