I've been a bit ??? lately but here's a quick bust from yesterday

me at my co-workers: You know those painful crinkle sensations your brain makes when you navigate through folders on the computer
Coworkers: Err no..?
Narrator: It was adhd

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what's up I was diagnosed with ADHD yesterday [surprised pikachu face] err here's a bust

this is very sexy of me, maybe I'll stick all my paintings on 3d surfaces in the future

I've been re-reading Left Hand of Darkness and I wanted to try putting my images of Estraven and Genly on paper

my players enrolling their characters' children in a dance class ran by the exiled fairy king like "this seems safe"

hot GM tip: Replace a powerful NPC's cuddly, cute portrait with a kinda menacing portrait indicating a countdown and watch ur players slowly freak out

more Monster of the Week things. Planning sessions has kinda just become my thing to tinker with after work

it's a horrible day in the village but you are a lovely goose

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material tests and some doodles, work been keeping me mad busy but I'm excited to get back to this soon!

I've started GMing a game called Monster of the Week, these are some beasties my players have hunted

sculpt I've been working on over the winter break! The body/head is pretty much ready for retop, now I need to figure out the hair

I finished the Baldur's Gate 3 early access content, and I really love the vamp companion.

We enjoy a nice chaotic gremlin with -1 intelligence to spice up the situation.

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