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I've wanted to join for a while! Here's a lil intro post?

I'm a 3D/2D artist, and I moonlight doing comic books. I like uuuuh... dogs. And drawing elves and stuff. :v

work's been pretty bussy but I've been doing some small things here and there. Not as much as I'd have hoped ugh

I didn't work on this a lot today because marking, but I did paint some bg card mountains that I think look pretty cute

me: I'm done for the day and I'm tired of this project I'm gonna drink wine and play vidya geims
also me: what if i just made an interior real quick like would that be cool maybe that'd be cool maybe uuuu

tbh I'm so close to dropping this project and diving headfirst into an isometric fantasy interior

Another lil update! I wanted to get the organic assets going since the houses are more or less functioning, I just need to finish off and make more wall pieces and especially roofs and toppers for variety!
I feel like I've tested what I wanted to test so from here on it's probably just refining and making more stuff.

a bit for my own recordkeeping, here's where I'm dropping it today! I had to stitch the wall pieces together as larger meshes because my previous approach caused seams when the lighting was baked.
Also started blocking in textures for the sky and the landscape but I don't think thick sandy dunes is really what I want here... ugh

Took a break from work to watch the boyf play kingmaker. My fav bois are still dumb and good.

what up I'm back on my shit. I thought it would be nice if some walls had vertical planks instead of horizontal and i started flipping the uv's of some meshes and then i was like hang on....... what if i just..... do it in the material instance.....

Boyf found this doodle in one of my sketchbooks from last year and said I must have seen it coming

I haven't got a lot to post lately... I've been trying to get moved onto a better contract and I have to do a lot of paperwork to hurdle and training and I don't have a head for that sorta stuff so I'm just zoinked all the time.

Here's a doodle thooo

It's been a while since I showed you my bad fur barnacle

used to do these 30 minute spitpaints all the time a good few years ago because we were dick-swingin' baby artists. I don't really think I can create anything worthwhile in 30 minutes anymore but it was nice to stretch for a bit with no real purpose so I might pick it up again just for chillin'

Some more work on the ugly duckling! A lot of tweaking and adjusting and a few more things replaced.

idk if people like seeing these but it's cool for me to have a lil record of the day by day progress of this scene.

started replacing placeholders today, still a lot to do but I'm starting to like the feeling of the walkways
Building 3D enviros is a lot of having faith in an ugly duckling.

current mood: Frowning at Unreal for 10 minutes like "why are my windows ugly" and then realising I've applied the wrong material to all my windows because the icon for the placeholder sand looks the same as the wood trims..... send coffee

nobody asked for more paintable walls but i come bearing them anyway

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i'm supposed to be winding down for bed but I got too excited about planks

what up, I didn't do a lot today because im sad and tired but I did smash together a wall texture with dynamic paint colours so I can basically............texture my whole scene with one texture set lol

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