This past week has been a total dick week.

I wanted to paint some onions and now I've got this??

it's my turn to make the big boobers and the cheesecakes

I've been knocked the fuck down with the flu but here's a material I've been messing with in between barfing and sleeping

did some material ball renders for my folio.

finally lit this lad, I dunno if video uploads work on masto tho?? I suppose now I'll see!

woke up fully intending to chill today but ended up working on our demo level all day instead. It is cold so in a way it was chill??

The boyf made a new vehicle blueprint and model to drive around in, the placeholder UE4 one looked a bit out of place on Mars. It's very fun and clumsy!

wtf guys when did Sketchfab's renderer get so hot? Seriously wtf it's got subsurface scatter and everything all of a sudden!!

Cora is working hard on dat lecture prep

messing with doing all the actual colour stuff with layered gradient maps and masks while just doing the forms/lighting in greyscale underneath, my laziness is growinnnng

bed time doodles! Stress ethereal elves be happening.

i'm neck deep in curriculum writing and very tired, but here's a sparklemancer

This thing from @ScribbleAddict seems nice!

I'm a general artist from Norway but I live in the UK. I've worked on comics, some games and now I'm a part time uni tutor/part time freelancer, it's complicated. Gig economy!!!

My Main things:

My Hobbies and likes and whatnot:
(both video games and table top)

some Shard doodles that I like, plus a shoulder asshole.

Also stumbled on some of the first iterations I made of this character (the ones in colour). He's changed a bit in a year or so.

It's been a "veggie meatballs and padron peppers at midnight" sort of day

Today's theme is elves employing a variety of sticks

booooom now you can't tell where one ground mesh starts and another begins!!! (Except on very sudden plane changes but hey ho)

It's not very complex but I'm bad at maths so I think it's neat.

Me: I should go to bed, I've got an early morning meeting...
Also Me: Stays up way past bedtime trying to get a shader to work properly

hey sup kickstart my vidya game, I need 10 martian dollars and an ice cream

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