Okay let's go: Hey I'm kassi or Isabel - a (queer ADD) Illustrator from Germany. New here but not so new on the internet. Please feel free to stay and spend some time with me. I tell stories through images, love pastel colours and fierce characters.

Let me know if we might already know each other :artaww:

@kassiopeeia the last one is an extremely powerful gender

I like your art style and these examples present a great variety in your work. I am eager to see whats coming next 🤩👍

@kassiopeeia welcome to mastodon :tialove:

btw. you can use hashtags to promote your art. This way it will be found way easier (and mastodon is not hiding it, bc of the hastag use like twitter does sometimes °_°')

@tiarael I was about to look into hashtag algorithm shenanigans over here THANK you for the insight <3

@kassiopeeia you're welcome <3 °v°
also a good idea is to add an alt (? <- for when someone is using screen readers) text for your drawings
(Still struggling with that and WHAT to write to describe a drawing >_<)

@tiarael oh that I already did!! (I think) but yeah new platforms are overwhelming haha


Also you might want to at least always use the #mastoart Hashtag, which floods the images of your posts into a seperate art gallery timeline. Some discover new art only by scrolling through this special timeline.

@kassiopeeia @lazalatin yeah hashtags are the only way you can find other users posts here. Compared to twitter where hashtags are essentially becoming useless each day. Also whenever you use a tag that has several words, make sure to capitalize each word (instead of mastoart you write MastoArt) this will make ppl w screenerasers easier hear the hashtag correctly.

@kassiopeeia Servus! :)

your bio also says something about you being a gamedev? Elaborate please, I'm always eager to get to know more like this.

@Riedler Heyo, I work as a CM & Marketing Manager for an indie game studio and also dabble a little myself in writing, pixelart etc :D

@kassiopeeia hey I just joined a few weeks ago myself so don't worry about being new :) it's been a super warm welcome for me so I'm sure it will also be for you! Love your art! Very skilled work!

@kassiopeeia Welcome! Lovely illustrations, the color usage feels so emotive!

@kassiopeeia I love your style: especially the character with the blood dripping sword.

@kassiopeeia I love your lines, colours and themes, following 💕

@kassiopeeia I know your work with gladness and glee, if nothing else! <3

@kassiopeeia Hallo und herzluch Willkommen! Deine Farbpaletten sind zum Dahinschmelzen. :artaww:

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