Hi! Here's another entry to my ongoing project.

This time, it's Sophie Neuenmuller from Atelier Sophie. I drew her wearing one of her prototype outfits, which was sadly left uncolored.

As a result, I made some educated guesses here. This may not be as polished as my finished work, but I think this turned out nicely!

Sorry that it's late, but here is Logy dressed in one of his earliest prototype outfit designs. As things go, this is a part of my ongoing project.

I chose this one because I wanted him to match a bit with my earlier drawing of Escha. ^^

I have a few more artworks that I want to do that's derived from the Dusk series.. but I should branch out to other trilogies eventually..

What's this..? It's the finished CDs for our latest community project, The Big Alliance!

We'd been sharing this project on @BigAl10th@twitter.com through 2019, but seeing as we have a shiny new Mastodon account, we'd love to share it here with you all as well!

While these CDs were only available via preorder, the album is still available digitally here:

#VOCALOID #vocalsynth #Engloid #BigAl #TheBigAlliance #doujinmusic #compilation #CD #PublishedByMyriad

I finished teaching winter camp! This experience was so much more smoother and streamlined in comparison to my first/summer camp. ( ꒪⌓꒪)

Only one lesson I developed ran short of time, but compared to before, I am now better equipped to spread time out more meaningfully.

It's.. still no less easy, but I'm glad that I've evolved somewhat since then LOL

And here's another colored sketch. I'm not going in order with this project of mine for the record, haha.

Anyway, this is of Ayesha wearing one of her close-to-final prototype outfits, so the differences are fairly minimal yet distinct.

I am interested in drawing more if her, but I should move onto other characters for the time being.

Hi! Here's another contribution to my ongoing project. This time, it's of Escha in one of her prototype outfit designs.

I feel that she would keep her pigtails raised in this rather than lowering it to fully match the concept artwork. (´・ω・`)

I'll also make an accompanying Logy to go with Escha soon.

I'm surprised by the kind reception I've received here so far. Thank you! I'm going to try to keep this fairly up to date to the best of my ability, and I hope you'll keep enjoying what I share.
( ´ ▽ ` )

The Dusk (DX) trilogy from the #AtelierSeries just launched, and I'm so happy more people will get to play the games so close to my heart.

Since there are now 11 (!!) mainline Atelier games on modern consoles and PC, I wrote my recommendations on which Atelier games to get into the series with:

(Yeah, it's still a Google Doc, sorry, I'll find something a little neater to hold all these guides on later...)

I drew this illustration of Mercedes from "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" last October. I still generally like how this turned out! And, meanwhile.. I should continue playing (and finishing!) the game eventually...

I am interested in using Mastodon more, but I still get a lot of mileage from Twitter, still.

I managed to curate my experience enough so I'm not perpetually hampered by content I am the least interested in seeing (and be surrounded by what I enjoy the most), but it's still tough and some dubious discourse continues to float onto the surface.

Yayy just two more days of teaching winter camp, and then I'm done teaching until the beginning of March. ( ´ ▽ ` )


If you put a link to your website on your profile, and have your website link back to your profile, and put a "rel=me" attribute on your website's link...

...the link on your profile will get a check mark and turn a shiny green!

It's a great way to verify your identity (and you don't even need to be rich and famous to do it)!

(Fun tip: If you set your Mastodon profile as your profile link on Twitter, Twitter will add a "rel=me" attribute by default.)

Here's another colored sketch to add to my ongoing project. ^^ This is of Ayesha wearing an eye-catching prototype outfit design. She's from Atelier Ayesha, which was recently re-released!

So, I'm planning to do a quick self-indulgent fanart/doodle/study project for a few weeks, and this is one of the doodles that'll get included. Anyway, this is Wilbell dressed in one of her prototype outfit designs from Atelier Escha and Logy.

OH I already uploaded this in my introduction toot LOL. That's slightly embarrassing, but I still like this piece regardless...

Hi! I'd like to share one of my favorite entries from last year's attempt at (albeit under my own terms, haha). Anyway, this is a redesign or alternative design for one of my longtime characters.

oof i need to draw more but here is a cg I did for an album project o/

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