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Hello, I'm Kari Avalon. ( ´ ▽ ` ) I'm a hobby illustrator that is currently based in South Korea, but I previously resided in California, USA. I like drawing dreamy and ephemeral things. On rare occasions, I dabble in graphic design and other creative mediums. I previously tabled in artist alleys and contributed my work to various things, too. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all!

Hi! I was commissioned by richardredd0987 (at twitter) to illustrate a scene of alchemist Opalia administering first aid to her inventor friend named Edward. Thanks for working with me!

Also, Opalia belongs to me while Edward belongs to richardredd0987.

Hi! I was commissioned by
nyamomask (at twitter) to draw an updated concept design of Lepus in her Eternal stage. She'll get there someday!

And, thanks for continually supporting me! Lepus's design was intricate, but I think I managed to make it work somehow, haha.

Ahhh I exerted way more effort than I thought, but here's a quick redesign of my cute longtime alchemist character named Opalia.

Until now, it didn't occur to me to just... incorporate various aspects of her collection of designs into one look.

Anyway, I hope that she'll be making an appearance in future works!

Hi! I was jointly commissioned to illustrate a fairy-like teatime moment depicting Dahlia and Helena. Dahlia is
@nyamomask’s (twitter) lovely character, and Helena is the mused second daughter of Byleth and Lysithea from FE3H. Thank you both for working with me!

Hi! It's been a while since I drew something, so I quickly designed the curious and sweet Helena, a recurring client's second mused daughter of Byleth and Lysithea stemming from the Verdant Wind ending of FE3H.

Hi! I finished a new deluxe blob commission for LuigiThirty (twitter) of Chihiro Fujisaki from . Thanks for your support! o/

I quickly drew Patricia from "Atelier Ryza 2" earlier today. She looks really cute!

Hi! I've been commissioned by
my friend (nyamomask at twitter) to draw her character named Dahlia. Thank you so much for your support! I had fun designing her outfit. ( ´ ▽ ` )

Here's a portrait I did earlier this year of my character, Runelucia Plines! I really... should draw her more.

Hi! I was commissioned by my friend Celastrina to draw her character named Mia. Thanks for your support!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

Forreal if you're "tired of anime" and its "common tropes" try watching some shows or movies that don't have a target audience of 12 year old boys.
Watch shows like Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, A Place Further Than The Universe, Shirobako, Princess Jellyfish, Girls' Last Tour, Chihayafuru, Laid-Back Camp, and Baccano.
Watch movies directed by Naoko Yamada, Mamoru Hosoda, Satoshi Kon, Yasuhiro Yoshiura, Masaaki Yuasa (do I even have to mention Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai at this point?).

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『1185年の大樹の節: ずっと、ずーっと、一緒です!』

[ Great Tree Moon, Imperial Year 1187: Together Forever ]

And have a happy anniversary, Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

Ah, I forgot to upload this. o:

Anyway, this is a character commission I did earlier in the year for a friend of mine. I still like this illustration a lot!

This is her original character named Charice, and she adores flowers.

I.. just learned that Masto lets me have the ability to change thumbnail focus omg

I wish... I had figured this out sooner. LOL.

"See you soon again, Ryza!"

I drew this to celebrate the reveal of Atelier Ryza 2. This was meant to be a colored sketch, but I got carried away, haha.

Last year, I quickly rushed out a fanart for Atelier Ryza's illustration contest. Needless to say, I definitely did not win, but it was still a nice attempt, haha.

Otherwise, I still should start playing the game.. D:

Hi! I was commissioned by
my friend to draw Giuletta, the past life of the eponymous senshi Deneb.

I haven't drawn her in a long time, so it was nice being given this opportunity. ;v;

Hi! This is a colored sketch I did some time ago. His name is Luca, and he's on a journey in search of his lover.

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