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Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys, various portraits

Mary Magdalene, oil on panel (ca. 1859)
Love's Shadow, oil on panel (1867)
Helen of Troy, oil on canvas (1867)
Grace Rose, oil on panel (1866)

René Magritte, Not to Be Reproduced, oil on canvas (1937)

(Reproduced here for your pleasure.)

So my book is finally out! Actually for a couple of weeks already. The theme is what we dutch people can learn from the norwegian outdoorlife tradition called friluftsliv. It is also a handy beginners guide for becoming more at home in nature. I've cowritten it with my father and it contains 54 illustrations that I've made. It's been an exciting couple of weeks with quite a lot of interviews. I'll hope it'll be inspiring for people to read :)

possibly Alfred Edward Chalon, "Portrait of Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (Ada Lovelace)", watercolor (ca. 1840)

Eugène Galien-Laloue, "Paris, Porte Saint-Denis", gouache over pencil on paper (1941)

William Holman Hun, Portrait of Fanny Holman Hunt, oil on canvas (ca. 1866–67)

Francisco Goya, Boy Staring at an Apparition, ink and watercolour and scratches on ivory (ca. 1824-1825)

Edmund Leighton, To Arms! Sweet bridal hymn, that issuing through the porch is rudely challenged with the cry 'to arms', oil on canvas (1888)

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Portrait of Leonilla, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, oil on canvas (1843)

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