Happy New Near 2020 !
There is an "eto" in Japan.
Eto was introduced in Japan around the third to fourth century AD from ancient China.
The Japanese zodiac this year is a mouse.
In Japan, we draw a New Year's greeting with a mouse picture on a New Year's card.

うれしいいですーー😂 !

I looked for an ART Challenge in December and found . It seems that the mainstream is taking pictures with plastic dinosaur dolls, but I decided to draw a picture.


Ich habe es mit Google Übersetzung ins Deutsche geschafft.😊
dank google übersetzung
Es ist großartig, so kommunizieren zu können.

Vielen Dank, dass Sie die Nachricht auf Japanisch verfasst haben!🤩

The calendar in my room is a self-printed free material with only numbers on the net.
It's not interesting without a picture, so in August of this year, I tried to draw my own picture of "August".

Recently, I made animation for Shoebill.
This is for the chat app emoji “LINE”.
Shoebill says "Good morning"

Huevember2019 Day 18
1 day late.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Was it “tomato” rather than “apple”?
In Japan it is “persimmon”, but apples are also said.

November 10th was Tron Egerton's birthday, so I tried to draw his cartoon portrait, but it didn't go well and was delayed one day.

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