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"Stream Crossing" original watercolor painting is up for grabs today! This is my 4th piece released on Every Day Original, and is inspired by the trail up to Heather Lake in the Cascade mountains.

"Hidden in the Tide"
This was one of the originals that went to a new home from NorWesCon this year! 💜

🎨 Watercolor, gouache and acrylic embellishments on mounted watercolor paper to cradle board.

I love dragons but I paint wildlife too! Here's a study of a cute little Dark-Eyed Junco.
🎨 Gouache on gray mixed media paper.

🔥Two paintings of a fire phoenix.🔥
🎨Both watercolor and gouache.🎨
⌛️Aug. 23, 2020 vs ⏳Feb. 23, 2022

Good evening, here's another of my digital pieces and even older than the last! It still has a special place though :D

"Seri of the Mountain"

I haven't worked digitally in over 4 years but I still like some of the pieces I've done!
Titled: "Mountaintop Dragon"

I got a Huion tablet last December so I may get back into it at some point, though I have a lot of watercolor/gouache to work out of my system still lol

My card for the 78Tarot & oracle decks - some lovely glowing crystals!
I'm releasing the original painting along with 7 other new originals this week, preview here:

🎨 and

I'm so glad I misspelled one of the hashtags as marmaid. Welp. 😂

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There's an art challenge called which I don't think I'll fully participate in this year, but in the spirit of things here's a mermaid I painted up a couple years ago!
Title: "Opal"

I guess I should throw at least SOME kind of art on here for anyone passing by!
Here, have some little ink & sepia dragon paintings on coffee stained paper

Hey all, so I made this in case other things go down elsewhere! I may or may not remember to check in, but hi


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