Here's a 3D modeled scene I made for an Environmental Design class. It took forever and fried my computer (and me). I'm pretty proud of the way it came out though

My Medieval-ish town. Created in Maya.

(Video/audio description in replies)

Video description: 3D modeled scene of a medieval-looking town. Camera perspective pans as if you're looking around, dollies as if you're walking down the street. Old buildings - dirty plaster and stone walls with timber support beams, wooden shutters, shingled roofs. Stone cobbles on road and sidewalk. Wooden signs hang on some of the buildings, with only pictures, no writing (a bee, a lion, crossed swords). Wooden canopies, steps at some entrances. 1/

Video description continued: Windows have glass panes and curtains (which makes me say it's not quite Medieval). Arched doors in walls at both ends of the scene. Wooden carts, barrels, crates, discarded wood pieces scattered around on the ground. Bushels of pears in a cart, some near doors of some of the buildings. Windmill slowly rotating in background behind wall. Doorway in that wall has watchtowers to either side. 2/2

Audio description:
Music: The Medieval Banquet by Shane Ivers
Medieval-sounding instrumental music with flute and strings. Slow and melodic (sorry, I'm not a musician, I'm not sure how to describe it)

Oh... Wow. Impressive amount of work. Indeed it is. It's encouraging me to finish my old abandoned environment project.

@joan8ied Thanks! Yeah, it took a TON of work. Some of it is really tedious, but I still really enjoyed making it. I'd like to make some more environments, and be able to work at my own pace - for my class, everything was rushed. That's really cool if it inspires you! I hope you have fun with it if you decide to back to yours. I'd love to see it 😁

@justelise How long have you been making this town? I mean approximate amount of time.

@joan8ied It was a little over three months (at maybe 15-20 hours per week?) That pace wasn't too bad until the UV's and texturing - that got pretty intense (closer to 30-40 hours per week?). At a more comfortable pace, I'd probably stretch it out to more like four(+) months

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