Hey Masto-artists!
I'm looking for decent sites for hosting images (and gif's and videos). (On those I'd prefer to be able to tweak privacy and set to only direct links.) Also portfolio sites. And maybe blog sites. Any recs you can throw at me?

@RussSharek Thanks for mentioning that! I'm kind of clueless about it. I didn't realize they did hosting. I'll definitely look into it.

Happy to help.

Are you looking for a social service, or just a place to upload content?

@RussSharek Right now I'm mostly just looking for places to upload stuff. I'll try some social options eventually, but priority now is just getting stuff online (for school, linking from current portfolios, etc) I have vimeo and dropbox, don't love either.


Yeah. Maybe getting some cheap or free webspace and setting up a simple portfolio site of your own would be preferable than giving it to one of those services.

@RussSharek That idea's sounding better and better. But I haven't done any web design in eons and it seems like a bit of an ordeal. I guess I should just try and see what I come up with. Thanks! I appreciate your input! :)

@justelise peertube is the fedi’s answer to YouTube. Pixelfed to replace Instagram. There are several blogging sites, is the one I see mentioned the most in my circle. I googled when I was considering joining one and found a site that listed several options and compared them.

@mecaka I hadn't really thought about using fedi, didn't even know the options. I'm intrigued, those definitely sound like they're worth checking out. Thanks! Googling and comparisons have helped a bit but recs from ppl who've used them help more. I appreciate it!

@justelise imo, the best thing you can do is have an all-in-one website. use a wordpress hosting and make a portfolio and blog there. don't forget backups!

if you are looking for a privacy-first platform, i recomemd it's good for blogging and image hosting (pay $10 for the image hosting add-on once and you are free to use it as you please). it's cheap, too (plans start with usd$12/year).

@mac That's a great idea, thanks! I'm not sure I'm ready to go that route rn though. ☹️ I'm a student, need places to dump assignments (not private, wip's, etc) but also places to host stuff to share selectively (social media, portfolio etc). (Portfolio site I'm using doesn't host. I don't love it but site looks great.) Eventually, yeah, having a site would be ideal. I'll keep it in mind and maybe try soon. Thanks!

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