Does anyone know AfterEffects? I could really use some help! Trying to work with files prof gave us to practice. It has several precomps - and I can't open them. Double-clicking does nothing. I can't get to the layers within each precomp. I've been trying (and googling and watching tuts) for hours. Can anyone help? Pleeease?

@justelise So you're in the timeline, trying to open precomps? Or are you in the Project menu? When I was working in AE I always had the project menu/window visible. It lists all the files related to the project and the comps. That's how I would typically navigate. I can't get to a machine with AE right now to test. Can you find the precomp you're trying to open in the project window and double click it there?

@sikkdays Omigosh, THANK YOU!! I'd swear I tried double clicking them in both places. (Pounding, even. Everywhere.) But opening them through the project menu seems to be working now. Actually I think something weird was going on because in the project menu they all had folder-looking icons instead of the normal precomp film icons (which they have now). Banging my head on the desk here. Thank you so much!!

@justelise Oh wow. I'm glad I helped. I saw your post and got really insecure because I haven't touched AE in a couple of months. I was scared that I would further frustrate you with cryptic instructions, not being able to see your situation. Thanks for the response to let me know I wasn't a useless jerk!

I imagine you're right. I loved creating in AE, but Adobe in general seems very buggy and things like that happen. SAVE often! IF things get weird, copy comps into a new project. <2 good rules

@sikkdays You're extremely helpful! I really appreciate it! I've been thrown into AE, I've been scrambling. Tuts don't bother with things like double-clicking vs dragging things to your tl ("why can't I open this file?!") It's frustrating. I feel clueless.

I know you can do some cool stuff with AE, but assignments are so cheesy and constrained. Having a hard time getting remotely interested. I want to see what Interesting things I can do First I guess I need to figure out how to open files. 😉

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