My brain won't let me do any more homework rn. So here, have an animation I made last semester. I'll get around to sharing more...someday.

Is potassium supplement powder stuff for cats supposed to smell like a dumpster? I was amazed one of my kitties ate it willingly. The other one ran away from it 😢

Isn’t it crazy that some of the world is living in a different year right now?

For example, I’m still in 2018, however much of the U.S. is still living in the early 1900s.

I'm really wishing I'd bought Dragonframe. Definitely next semester

I'd finish editing my final project and submit the damn thing if technology didn't hate me so much. I'm gonna fall asleep waiting for PS to load my images. What other programs let you edit images in a sequence, i.e. frame-by-frame editing for an animation? Ooh, it's loaded. Woohoo

Hi All! Could use a lil help.

See, my mum's in a bit of a financial yuck because she's at the age where it's hard to find full time work. Her laptop is 8yrs old, screen is *held on with tape*, several keys don't work... She's wanting to get something suuuper basic for $200.

I don't have much $, but I'd like to get her one for Xmas; I can put $500-600 (AUD) on a credit card which isn't ideal (Anyone want to hire me to paint a thing? I'm good at painting things!) but I can make it work.


Hey! Did you know using a CW doesn't hide your picture? It hides the text! So slapping a CW on nudes or NSFW is all well and good, but pointless! The eyeball is what you need to click to hide the picture!
I've started muting anyone who toots such pics w/o doing this. Others might do the same. Just so you know. (Yes, filters are helpful, too. But not everyone uses the exact words that you may try to filter.)
*A Public Service Announcement from a Very Crabby Person*

Question for mastoartists!

Can any watercolor pencil fans tell me if it's translucent w/out water? Not just to see the paper through it, but have the color show when it's backlit? (Lot of media, e.g. normal colored pencils, look blackish when backlit)

I'm looking for something like glass paint, but dry. Trying to make backlit animation without cels.

Did Mastadon just un-⭐ a bunch of things I'd favourited? :(

Wanted to do this based on a conversation with @justelise earlier.

It's kind of fun to try and represent how my mind interprets the world. There's a lot of feeling that goes with this which I haven't been able to represent, and sound is difficult to represent visually as well.

This is me at rest, in a group of people I'm relatively comfortable with. So just, right now.

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I was kinda blown away in class when we watched a film by one of the earliest animation artists, Winsor McCay. The stuff done previously was very flat, lacked detail and style, quality as would be expected: low (still fascinating to see).

Then we got to this guy. TIL I love him. (I'm sure it makes a bigger impact when you see earlier stuff first, but still..) Thought I'd share. It's fun. (BTW he hand-painted the film for color)

While I'm procrastinating (homework), I might as well throw some artwork in here. I'm not thrilled with it, but it's something.

For . Gir's such a simple design that I felt like I'd be cheating if I left him as a sketch. So I decided to add some color. Then Zim photobombed.

I was having some serious nib issues, so they're a bit messy.

With apologies to Jhonen Vasquez...

Hey guys, what drawing pens are your favorites? Looking for good, smooth, bold black ink (maybe various thicknesses?) (For colors I prefer India ink/nibs, so I just haven't tried many pens.) I need some for animation classes. Any recommendations?

If anyone's got a minute, I'd really appreciate feedback πŸ™

Is everything clear and working for everybody? Is the "colouring pages" page locked for patrons only? Is the accordion thing that lets you flip through the pages working, and clear? Do you like the pages on offer?

If any patrons want to try downloading a few pages and printing them that'd be awesome too - just so I can be sure everything's working a-ok.

Boosts hugely appreciated - feedback even more πŸ’– πŸ’–

Alright, here's a drawing I made for I would have left it in pencil, but this guy insisted on ink. (I have a horrible habit of leaving everything unfinished, so this is a big accomplishment for me. 😜 ) This is my first artwork toot. What better than a Dalek?

(Paper got wrinkly, light reflecting oddly in some places)

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