😱 😱 😱 HOLY SHIT! Douglas McKinnon followed me on Twitter! I have no idea why (ok I've been fangirling Good Omens but...) I'm scared to say anything in case it was a mistake πŸ˜‚ I need to crank out some artwork to share, like n o w.

Hey Masto-artists!
I'm looking for decent sites for hosting images (and gif's and videos). (On those I'd prefer to be able to tweak privacy and set to only direct links.) Also portfolio sites. And maybe blog sites. Any recs you can throw at me?

Whining: wasting time 

My break is half over and I haven't done anything besides having surgery and seeing a bunch of doctors. And still more to go to. πŸ™„ This sucks. I had tons of stuff I wanted to work on, that I really need to be doing (besides watching Stranger Things and Good Omens - at least I accomplished that). Still recuperating from surgery, still drained, can't make myself do much. I guess it'd be better if I went with it and enjoyed a much needed break, but instead I'm just irritated

K I'm starting to freak out. I'm having surgery on Tuesday. Left a message for surgeon but talking to him may or may not help me feel better about it. I desperately need distractions. 😟

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#Pride Month: Help out an unemployed queer artist. #Rainbow #maille stretch bracelet, anodized aluminum and neoprene, one size fits most, 1.5 inches wide, only 2 in stock, $17 including USA shipping to paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos #chainmail #art #mastoart

Anyone have any input about software for 3D printing? I kinda know Maya, so similar ui or importing Maya files would be cool (not mandatory). I have a gazillion other programs I want to learn my way around while I'm on break, so hopefully not one that would take forever to learn. I'll start simple, but I'd like designs to have some decent detail eventually. Probably not CAD - I doubt I'll ever need something so precise and complex. Any recs?

Ok sure, I'll do this...

Movies I've watched most
(I can't cut my list down any more than this. I tried!):

Evil Dead 2
Alice in Wonderland (Disney animated)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Dark Crystal
The Secret of NIMH
Nightmare Before Christmas
Dracula (Lugosi)
Frankenstein (Karloff)

(Charlie Brown Christmas/Great Pumpkin, Grinch cartoon, Rankin/Bass stop-motion xmas classics would be high on my list, but they're short, and they'd take up a whole list.)

Oops, meant to add tags. I guess it 1:6 scale I'm looking for. Um I dunno, this isn't usually my thing

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I'm also on the lookout for creepy dolls/puppets. (As a Svankmajer fan, I just can't help it.) Does anyone know of good resources for 12"-ish dolls, parts, accessories, weird random objects for that scale? Dollhouse is too small, Barbie-ish size or a bit bigger would work well

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I have a stop-motion class next semester. I've learned in my few attempts that the materials used for the figures makes a huge difference in finished anim. Plasticine (kind I used anyway) is way too smooshy. I want to try to make some posable figures if I have time. (Ball joint dolls or something similar)

Is anyone familiar with this belief/philosophy? I came across it randomly (Urban Dictionary) and I'm intrigued. Not finding much with googling, besides references to religious art having god(s)/angels work through the artist.

Art - "Any one of the Divine Languages, including painting, sculpting, music, theatre, dance, poetry, etc.
When we speak a divine language, we are able to say things that we couldn't say in normal conversation. That is art."

Haaalp! I need inspiration! I have too many final projects to do and not enough ideas - and not nearly enough focus. Where do you guys look for ides when you just don't have any??

Direction in Life 

@justelise I've had two professors now tell me I should be writing. It's my "natural talent." Maybe I should listen to them. I considered it years ago but decided against it bc options are don't make $, do something boring, or pin hopes on slim chance of being successful

The question is, do mg jobs want ppl who throw the norm out the window and try to make stuff that looks cool? Or just "normal" mg? I'm better off writing stuff that bores me than making art I hate

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Direction in Life 

I need to figure out wtf I'm doing. I was convinced I wanted to do motion graphics. It's why I'm at this school. But apparently I hate mg? I hate the flatness and cheesiness of it. There's so much more that could be done with it. But I guess most jobs want that cheesiness.

I like animation, especially 3D modeling. But jobs are limited w steep competition. I'm too old to be fighting tooth and nail to get a job that'll probably be freelance anyway with no stability.

Does anyone know AfterEffects? I could really use some help! Trying to work with files prof gave us to practice. It has several precomps - and I can't open them. Double-clicking does nothing. I can't get to the layers within each precomp. I've been trying (and googling and watching tuts) for hours. Can anyone help? Pleeease?

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I made a thing!
I dissected a nifty spider rig from creaturerigs.com and played. It's a school assignment, but I did more than I needed to. I've missed Maya.

My brain won't let me do any more homework rn. So here, have an animation I made last semester. I'll get around to sharing more...someday.


Is potassium supplement powder stuff for cats supposed to smell like a dumpster? I was amazed one of my kitties ate it willingly. The other one ran away from it 😢

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