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Here's a little 3D modeled/motion graphics project I did for school. I think it came out pretty cool 😁 Two fun little Halloween ads for Reese's 🎃 Made with Maya and After Effects

(Video description, transcript and credits at the link. Also CC should work)

CW: Food, candy, scream, cartoon bat 🦇 🤷‍♀️

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Here's a 3D modeled scene I made for an Environmental Design class. It took forever and fried my computer (and me). I'm pretty proud of the way it came out though

My Medieval-ish town. Created in Maya.

(Video/audio description in replies)

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Hey everyone! Sharing a (re-) since I'm dusting off my account. I'm Elise and I do 3D Modeling, Animation and Motion Graphics, also a bit of writing. Just graduated after returning to school for career change.

I love horror and fantasy, books, (mostly older) dance music, and dark-creepy-weird in general.

Here's a character I modeled, meant to be The Morrigan. Created in Maya.

*identity theft 🙄 why tf does my phone refuse to accept that as a word 😂

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Oh, and I tweeted about this on birdsite and immediately got swarmed with bots offering to h*ck into it for me 😂

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I added a new fraud alert to my credit. Guess I need to get new credit card numbers. Might as well change my PayPal while I'm at it.

Not a great way to spend a couple of days. 0/10 Do not recommend. And F*ck 🍏

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Great, so 🍏 is fine with identify theft. I apparently have an old account from the ipod days. Started getting notifications, it was used to log in somewhere. So I reset the password, but can't get past that because the security q's have been changed, to a foreign language even. Spent an hour on the phone with them - just want to make sure I didn't have any payment info in there (even if it's expired, account # might be right) - and they wouldn't do anything. Said I could contact the police ...

Update: I set up a critter camera and it spotted a squirrel :)

It seemed so much like squirrel behavior, but I was just doubting it because we never see any around here

That might not be the only critter who's been visiting, but it's still relief 🐿️

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I'm thinking it's more squirrelly than anything else, but still perplexing. Will eventually get a camera, but meanwhile, does this sound remotely typical of any kind of critter? Any thoughts on what it might be? (Major city, no deer, bears, etc)

(My mom thinks it's a person 😭)


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Hi, garden lovers! Q for you. I have a critter (or bird) that's been claiming snacks from our plants in odd ways. (All in pots, on our deck, 3' off ground.) 1) ripped head off sunflower, left 1/2 on railing, 2) took a tomato, left ~2/3 on railing, 3) came back and ate more of tomato, left ~1/3 on railing 4) took a big mushroom (which had grown out of nowhere in strawberry plant)..


Escaping through the chimney of the house was Charlotte's goal, but with a slip, and downward trip, poor Char became the Coal.
Every eve her shade repeats the drop into the fire with a ghostly, ghastly repetition of her funeral pyre.

Does anyone have recommendations for free portfolio sites? I've found a couple that aren't too horrible but they annoy me. Mostly for videos, but some pictures too. Coding is not my thing except maybe very minor tweaks. I've used Weebly and Portfoliobox (and others I'm forgetting). Might try squarespace or wix? I don't know ☹️

I don't know what tags to use

Here's a little 3D modeled/motion graphics project I did for school. I think it came out pretty cool 😁 Two fun little Halloween ads for Reese's 🎃 Made with Maya and After Effects

(Video description, transcript and credits at the link. Also CC should work)

CW: Food, candy, scream, cartoon bat 🦇 🤷‍♀️

If your state has Electronic Health Information Exchange (EHIE or HIE), you might want to find out how to opt out

See also: Epic, MyChart (If they use a network like that, you don't even have to set anything up or give permission for them to share your info, at least not here)


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Hey, did you know that in the US, your HEALTH INFO might be shared with any other medical practitioners in your state, maybe without even telling you? If you see doctors in totally unrelated organizations, they might be able to see each other's info on you

Seems important, with right to privacy under attack, when some people really need secrecy. Plus, is it hackable? 🤔 All your info, from pretty much every dr you've seen, all in one place? Cool 🙄

I've been looking at Peertube, but while I struck lucky with dot art first time, I'm not sure what instances over there are any good. Also, it looks like I have to join before I can see any content.

I mostly look for podcasts on history/paranormal sorts of things to listen to when I'm doing art things.

Does anyone have a good selection for a decent Peertube instance that isn't full of bigots?

Anyone with experience making CC or subtitle files for videos they upload? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Vimeo says they prefer .vtt, so that's what I made (typed in notepad). Uploaded, it recognizes it's there, but if you turn on cc in the vid, nothing shows up. Any ideas? Different file type, maybe? I think I typed everything right 😟 Maybe Vimeo is just weird about it?

I traumatized some birds today. Pruning an overgrown climbing plant where a Robin's nest is nestled. Thought it was old, pulled it out, and almost threw away some unhatched babies 😭

Mommy and Daddy both came back, seemed to be standing sentry 😞
What can I do to let them know I mean no harm, they're welcome in our yard? I know feeding/bath are discouraged rn bc of bird virus (midwest US) - is it ok to give them some seed? Other ideas?
Any people around?

The moving sale has begun. I have added the first three items to my Ko-fi shop and reopened it at I will continue adding items, box by box, until I run out of stuff I already have photographed. This may take a couple of days, so the stock will change over time. No modifications are possible, sorry, all items sold as-is. I am not taking commissions at this time. #maille

body horror(?) 

This is what happens when you delete rigging data in the middle of rendering an animation!

image description: a monster shaped humanoid covered in image static's body morphs and contorts as joints and body parts disappear while it dances.

#3danimation #touchdesigner #glitchart #digitalart #mastoart

Boosts wanted

I am always looking for more artists to commission to make art in honor of my late cat, Lyra.

My budget is limited so I can order only a few commissions at a time, but I am faithfully pursuing this project.

Any artists who take commissions for pet portraits or animal art in general, please feel free to reply to this thread!

#mastoart #commission

Errol the dragon from the Guards-part of the Discworld novels, because he is precious and I hope he's living his best life

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