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more work.
I really like my new thicker sketchbook. Now I can do bigger formats without too much paper warping.

I hope you like it.

The other day I found an old drawing where I started a portrait in grayscale (with pencil) - I don't remember when I started that piece, but it was very good as far as I've gotten back then (I'll probably take a photo somewhen next week and post it).
But what bugs me is, I don't know when I lost that patience with my art or the creation of it... anyone else feeling like this? My guess is that I lost it when I lost more and more of my freetime, but still wanting to do art.

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Everything you create contributes to your experience pool, and the greater that pool, the better you'll be. Afraid of finishing something in case you spoil it? Finish anyway. Doesn't matter if you don't like it at the end; you got practice and experience and your next creation will be better. Every mistake is a lesson, every 'failed' piece an exercise in building knowledge and honing skill. Plus, often, the things you don't like will be adored by someone else. We don't all have the same taste <3

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Looking for the artist I cannot recall a name of now. His art was like children's dream, a bit claustrophobic, but colorful (I think). Streets, geometric shapes? Creatures walking these streets or flying among? These are my memories. Can you help? :)

I got myself a deck and at the beginning of this month. I shuffled and pulled a card in the morning to see what the day might bring (spreading the deck and pulling at random). Only looking up the meaning at the evening (to not be superstitios of the day). It's now the third week and three cards have always come up in normal and reverse versions: tower, temperance, the hierophant. Not as often, but also more than once the emperor.
Anyone who knows more about interpreting this?

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Hi all, I'm new so here's my / .

I'm a 26 year old who specializes in digital and . I like drawing weird plants and environments. I tend to spend hours painting the same details over and over again with tiny brushes.

The creative world can be pretty tough so I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all and helping each other survive/grow.

Sorry about the redraft, I noticed a sentence error and it bothered me.

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A piece of mine from a yearish ago. I recently reworked some details.

When you look back at the stuff you have done and see something you want to change, do you do it or let it go?

I have a hard time resisting the urge and it does make me feel a bit guilty since I already work pretty slow and it slows down the stuff I am currently working on even more.

And the is done. :)
I've taken a lot of liberation with this piece. For instance I didn't take a reference picture with that curtain putting a shadow on my face, neither is my hair that short (sadly) and I don't have such shirt with that color combination :heart_sp_nb: (also sadly). But for now I'm done, even though some parts may still need some work.
I mostly tried to be more comfortable to use some more saturated colors.
Done in :krita:

How do you choose color for the lips when painting a realistic-ish portrait?

I'm working on a proper artpiece again for the first time in a long while. A selfportrait, and .. I'm happy how it turned out so far? If I hold on my own deadline on this, then I'll probably have finished it by the end of the week, and I'll probably do a new introduction toot.
Also yes, still arting when I've got the time and motivation :D work is exhausting and sadly has nothing to do with visual art.

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Does anyone knows an alternative to Paypal? I'm not from USA (Chilean here), so tranfer with bank accounts wouldn't work, maybe a site where you can buy commissions via credit/debit card? Does Patreon has this? I want to help a friend in need 🥺

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(1/2) “welcome home” (2020), oil on loose canvas, 50 x 40cm

these were the first of my paintings in this style, done for uni back in May. really loved doings these🎨

#mastoart #creativetoots #painting #oilpainting

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I'm sort of preparing my for 2021. And with that, I want to add in a new Topic/List I haven't had this or the previous years: A list of things that describe where I'm now and what I've accomplished so far. But I can't think of a title to describe that properly, does someone have any ideas here?

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“we don’t talk about that here”

another page from my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 🌱
(sketchbook tour: )

#sketchbook #collage #mastoart #creativetoots

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