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Tried animating for the first time in almost a decade, and actually had fun! Also, first time using Krita which I'm thoroughly enjoying :)

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Anyone have any input about software for 3D printing? I kinda know Maya, so similar ui or importing Maya files would be cool (not mandatory). I have a gazillion other programs I want to learn my way around while I'm on break, so hopefully not one that would take forever to learn. I'll start simple, but I'd like designs to have some decent detail eventually. Probably not CAD - I doubt I'll ever need something so precise and complex. Any recs?

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Just watched avengers end game 

Holy shit!

I haven't had realy fun with art in a long while. Mostly because I wasn't satisfied what I brought on the paper.
But today, yesterday and thursday have been a good one or two hours of arting.
I hope that stays for a bit like that.

Does someone have a tip on how to be able to draw digital just as good as traditional?
I may have mentioned it before, but somehow I struggle a lot when trying to draw something digital. I've got and iPad, so it's not the "where-to-look" difference exactly. The strokes just don't translate the same, even though the pen is pretty much similar.
Is it just patience? Keep on trying? Are there exercises to get used to the slight difference?

I haven't posted here in a while, but I've got a drawing project in mind that keeps me motivated during work and when doing these practice sketches.
It's marisha ray from critical role and.., not to boast, but I think I improved from the very first sketch at the top to the portrait sketches at the bottom. I won't be posting these practice sketches anywhere else for now.

Art Problems 

I mean, I probably know my problem.
For some reason when creating digital, I always have the "This has to go faster than that" thought in the back of my head. While traditionally... it just flows on its own and I take the time I need for it.
If someone reads this, is this just me or do you have that being-rushed-feeling with digital as well?

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Art Problems 

These past few days (or weeks) I always tried to draw on the ipad - it is convinient, I have every colour available, and no paper to throw away if it doesn't turn out the way I wanted.
But for some reason, whenever I draw digitally, it never looks the way I want it - which makes me frustrated after a short while.
Today I picked up a pencil and sketched a portrait on a scrap of paper - why is it so much easier to sketch with on a piece of paper...?

Not yet finished, but it shows a bit. And I’m also kind of happy with the rendering so far.
This is the drawing I wanted to make of the npc of the one-shot I dmed on saturday.

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People have created and shared over 16,000 unique hashtags on

40% of posts contain at least 1 hashtag.

#art #nature and #photography are the top 3 hashtags.

My first D&D Session as the DM (and my first ever D&D Session) 

It went surprisingly well! :D
I think everyone had fun, which is the main thing. :) And I got a few compliments and thanks in the end.
I was nervous as hell at the beginning, but I guess it is like that if it's something new :D

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Willow dances with her brother Hob to celebrate Spring, while Tau plays a pretty tune.

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my ou and campaign world map! (or partial world map). I'm sparing you guys from the bunch of misc layers with stuff like lattitude lines and tectonic plates so you can just enjoy the map itself.

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If you are a woman, you may want to tag your art with the hashtag .

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Hey Fediverse!
I'm looking for a musicplaylist that keeps me concentrated and highly energized/motivated at the same time. Also without lyrics.
I have a few playlists on spotify, but motivation keeps droping.

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