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Art Problems 

Art Problems 

Not yet finished, but it shows a bit. And I’m also kind of happy with the rendering so far.
This is the drawing I wanted to make of the npc of the one-shot I dmed on saturday.

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People have created and shared over 16,000 unique hashtags on

40% of posts contain at least 1 hashtag.

#art #nature and #photography are the top 3 hashtags.

My first D&D Session as the DM (and my first ever D&D Session) 

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Willow dances with her brother Hob to celebrate Spring, while Tau plays a pretty tune.

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my ou and campaign world map! (or partial world map). I'm sparing you guys from the bunch of misc layers with stuff like lattitude lines and tectonic plates so you can just enjoy the map itself.

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If you are a woman, you may want to tag your art with the hashtag .

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Hey Fediverse!
I'm looking for a musicplaylist that keeps me concentrated and highly energized/motivated at the same time. Also without lyrics.
I have a few playlists on spotify, but motivation keeps droping.

One of my art goals this year is to improve on values and being more bold with colours. Another is to be able to create nearly realistic digital paintings, but that one is for the future 😀
Today I took some time to do a photostudy of this photo with some unusual colors. I stopped at this point, since I was nearing the frustration mark - good place to stop I figured :) I’ll try to do one or two more of these in the upcomming week
[CW for eye-contact]

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Still no job, and freelancing has pretty much dried up completely.

If you've got a couple bucks spare I could use the help. :/

(And thank you. I hate to ask *again*, and I can't wait until I'm the one able to *send* money to folks in need. #transcrowdfund )

Today is my Masto-birthday :D
Because my first day on this plattform has been so amazing, with people being nice and everything, I wrote down when I registered on here last year. And well, it is no a whole year that I've joined :)
Thank you for being such a nice place, even though I'm not as active these past few weeks. :)

I wanted to post a few photos for a while now. These photos have been taken in april last year.
I love that time of year, when it is about to get warm, but it's still also cold. You admire the sunshine, because it warms you up. The birds are starting to sing, and it just creates this warm calmness all over.
I'll try to post other photos I've taking since last year during the next week. I'll also post these on my pixelfed account first @julloyart

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Things no one warned me about when I came to Mastodon:

. You'll use CWs for things that aren't triggers
. You'll crush and hard for many fedi peeps
. You'll shitpost, eventually make an account just for that
. You'll care about strangers online and they shall no more be like strangers but a family instead
. There'll be at least one person telling you to go to sleep already
. You can always ask for help and help shall make your way, one way or another

To be continued, I'm sure! :ablobsmile:

I didn't look through my photos on my camera in a long while (like... last year) and took out the camera for some photos yesterday and today. Some are somewhat good, and I'll probably post them tomorrow on my account ( @julloyart ).
Thinking about if I should post them here as well?

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Today I took a beautiful sketch by my friend Simone ( and repainted it in VR - here's a little look around. All design credit goes to her.

It's truly amazing to stand right inside a painting and become part of the world you just created.

Hello Mastodon 👋 My name is Julia and I've introduced myself before, but it was time for a new introduction :)
I like , I like creating in every form. I do ( ) just as much as ( )
I've got a webblog and do some and for it.
I also like to try new ways of creating like

New introduction/reintroduction toot will come in somewhen today

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