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Hello #mastodon i am dusty, an amateur artist from canada
currently still in the learning stage but i am slowly getting better and learning how to do more stuff better :blobcatcoffee:

i like to draw cute stuff and make lots of little doodles
you can expect me to just post about the stuff that interests me and a bit of art

Hope we can all get along 👋

#introduction #mastoart #art

I tend to - very often-try some new firm of creating.
This weekend I spend some time on embroidery. It's the first try and meant as a present. What do you think?

The closest I come to art on workdays might be my handwriting (and sketching wire frames and/or UI's when there is a new project)
So it is something.
Also, as of today, every person I work with closely has seen my handwriting and said something along the lines of "your handwriting looks great. That almost looks like it's printed" or, even better "thats printed, right? You didn't write that good. I thought that kind of handwriting only existed in comics"

I haven't had time to draw this past weekend and of course, now I've got the urge to draw but as always - no time.

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@sean I already checked if they are in the repo of opensuse, thank you for the link though :)
I mostly asked to get some opinions by artists who might already have some experience in using that distro (or another) and had some good experience using it.

@PalmerAnimates I have manjaro xfce installed on my private laptop for now. For the reason to save some resources when working in 3D (even if the difference might be minor) - which distro are you using right now?

I ultimately want a distro that is easy to setup, gives me some kind of customization in the look, and is equaly suited for art purposes as well as webdev stuff. Thank you for your input though :)

I still haven't decided on the distro I want to stick with on my laptop. Does some on here have experience with ? I use it in work in development and quite like it, but don't know if it is the right choice for creating art.

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WIP of a nostalgic-style painting I've been working on!

Ko-Fi supporters can see the entire artwork and read a little bit about it.
It will be shown to everyone in a week.

If you'd like to support what I do, please consider pledging on Ko-Fi ☕️💗


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Some recent sketchbook drawings of owls and a raven done from photos, and some plants drawn on a recent walk by a stream.

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Forgot to post these several weeks ago so here are some more sketchbook pages with ravens and a couple owls.

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Hey! Here's all the Shield Cat main characters I've drawn so far, from left to right we have Trent, Parker, Claire, Lance, Suzette, and Olivia!!

You can find out more about my game Shield Cat by going to my Patreon page:

Thanks 🧡

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in other news, i'm gay and my own characters ruin me

i call these "quinn's 2AM selfies to spencer (by lamplight)"

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