I should really make a habit out of saving my data on an external harddrive.
I started to do it every month last year, but stopped after a few month.

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Is any of my followers #LookingForAJob in #Web domain , pm me if you have strong #FLOSS culture and already part of related #communities , #Ethic matters too

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I had to quit for a few days because holy mother of OW, RSI and neck pain from sitting badly while carving.

But today I was able to get back to it, spent a few hrs hunched + wincing, and got the dang thang done at last.

Thing about lino printing, you're never sure how it'll turn out til it turns out; I spent most of the time fretting that i'd done a buggerup.

...I think it turned out ok 😁

@ChrisTalleras I should probably do that for the next time :) Btw: How is your experience with manjaro so far?

@ChrisTalleras What do you mean by "backup a wifi-driver"? Just finding a matching wifi-driver?

@selea I don't know the exact driver right now, but broadcom something.
The thing still is, even though elementary os is a beautiful linux distro, not having a visual overview of the drivers is bothersome for me. Manjaro might be more difficult/has been difficult when I first set it up, but using it was fairly easy. Thank you though :)

After not using my laptop for a while, updates have been impossible to do. So a new installation needed to be done and this time I decided on - i mean, it is stylish and seems easy to use. But just like in manjaro, there is no driver for wifi automatically installed. :/ and finding a way to install it in elementary in a non-commandline way, also seems impossible to find (couldn't even find the installed drivers).
So.. I'll go back to once more

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no.01: Silhouette

One of the most important aspects of is the silhouette. It decides whether a design is memorable/recognizable or not. Think Darth V., Spongeb., the Enterprise, etc.

A good way to find unique silhouettes is randomized drawing. Here I used weavesilk.com (discovered by @deerbard) to create shapes which I then turned into space ship sketches.

Which one is your favourite? Which one do you want to see finalised?

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@Bonesnail If you need more info, look at the Procreate Artist Handbook. The thing you look for is "Quickshapes"

@Bonesnail Than that should be enough to help you out :)

@Bonesnail Well, if you create a rough circle and hold at the end of your circle-drawing, it automatically smoothes out to a circle. same for lines and cubes. Do you mean that feature?

Because tomorrow is valentines day and I did a similar thing on twitter two years ago, here are some digital drawn roses for different people you want to give a rose to :)
Red for love
yellow for friendship
pink for appreciation and gratitude
peach for appreciation and sincerity

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Been playing a lot of Atelier Totori lately hoping to at least achieve the normal end, but I think I'm going to fail again... 😂 But at least my alchemist daughter is adorable, and I'm really looking forward to Atelier Lulua in May 💖

This post was first available on Patreon: patreon.com/posts/24586397

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I had to edit the photo heavily, since I didn't put much attention to it when I took the photo with my phone. Just as an additional information :)

Since it's been a while since I posted something I created, I dug out the colored pencil sketch I did of Nott the Brave from
Her discription just spoke to me and I wanted to draw that goblin face. One of those days I'll draw her with her body 😅

I hate cold weather ...
Whenever it is cold and I don't walk around as much, I get punished by my fingers on my right hand. They swell up the day after and hurt when I try to move them to a fist ... it's not all fingers on that hand, but 2 of them are already annoying enough.. does someone have some tips?

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I'm coming back to the Draw this in your style, with the challenge of one of my friend Mégane Lepane.
Go check her amazing work on her instagram =)



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