death of a friends relative, advice needed 

@Mellifloss thank you.

death of a friends relative, advice needed 

So yesterday I got news that the father of a friend died. What would be the best way to help? I know that grieving takes time and helping for a day won't fix it. Apart from just being there, mostly listen if she has to say anything, any other advice? She has a s.o. and another friend who are helping her with organisational stuff.

I've never been in the position, I have not yet experienced grief myself or supported a friend through it before.

I was today years old that I learned the default value of svgs stroke-linecap is "butt"

I have to be honest, I had to confirm that this is not a typo from someone who created the svg I'm currently editing.

@marionline Because this happend to me: Did you plug the monitor into the mother board or the gaphic card? I had problems with my monitor because I plugged it into the motherboard the first time.

What a great workday... not 😐 

So much for the homeoffice rule. In the firm I currently work in we have a software to access the computer we develop on. Well, the IT depardment managed to update that software away. Now whoever needs to access a service with that software is just sitting there, doing nothing.

@jendrawscomics I feel like this with every social media site tbh. Twitter, Instagram, even deviantart - it's hard being noticed by anyone unless you already have a considerable following from somewhere else. Or 10 or more friends who help push you up because of the algorithm.

@welshpixie Probably because you have a certain amount of followers. An artist I follow had their account hacked last year with a similar amount of followers to yours.

Covid Einschränkungen 

@muesli Ich habe letztens recherchiert wie lang ungefähr die Spanische Grippe anhielt. 3 Jahre. Wenn das so weiter geht können wir das bei Corona wohl verdoppeln mit der Art und Weise der 'Maas'-nahmen.

@hbenjamin Probably because I moved them to my archive and put the account on private ;) I have a new account with a new username though. Will fix it sooner or later. Thank you though.

@inference Yes, which he did. :) Still some things he wasn't used to from the linux UI (for instance, were to find the settings) :D So it was more a problem of "Error sits in front of the machine" :P Thank you though, I didn't have a linux machine in front of me right now to help him out and google results were more complicated that just "go to settings ..."

@inference Thank you :) Wasn't my machine though, had to help someone else who is not used to linux machines.

quick question to the 10 users here: How does one change the keyboard layout from english to german?

I didn't find the time last weekend to start the basic html/css tutorial, I was busy melting in my flat 😅 But I at least registered on neocities yesterday and did a bit on the landing page (which is only a link collection for now). Next step will be to get the page for HTML basics created. I'll inform those who were interested on the original toot personally when I have the "first step" page done :)

-overall day 

The whole day was somehow shitty.. I might have ruined the "relationship" with my landlord by just asking some stuff I didn't know (relationship as far as that goes with a landlord thats > 70 yo and keeps a kind of friendship contact with his renters). I got a washing mashine yesterday and the pluming stuff under the sink is broken. Wasn't when the renter before moved out aparently... And well, work day wasn't that productive, because internet didn't work until 10 (I start at 6).

@eishiya I'll certainly include the developer tools of the browser, as I've found them quite helpful and a nice way to try out a few things really quickly with direct feedback. FTP I'll think about if I add info to that. I haven't used a ftp tool in ages tbh, so I might not be the one to give advice on it. All the coding I do is at work and I'm not the one deploying the stuff online. 😅 But I'll at least look at it and decide then if I'll include it or a helpful guide in the end :)

Is someone here on art interested in getting into Webdesign/HTML/CSS?
I was thinking about it for a while to make something like a "quickstart" for artists to have the basic knowledge for HTML and CSS to build a simple website. Just want to know if there is interest here to make something like a tutorial for it :)

@dona wouldn't have though of just throwing the word "flexboxes" into a comment would count as an advice, but you are welcome :) Glad it helped so much.
If you still find something you might want to do, you can still ask me. :) I see you have already found a way to use gradient in texts :D

@dona If you need some help with the newer things in html and css (it's not much though) shoot me a message :) I'm occassionally called the css wizard from colleagues :D Also, if you want to go with a webpage that looks good in desktop and smartphone, go with flexboxes.

Covid Vaccine - how I react to it [in case someone is interested] 

I got my first shot today!
No sideeffects so far that I don't know already from the flu shot I get every year. Arm started hurting a bit a couple of hours after, can't really raise it high without a bit of discomfort, but I have that with the flu shot as well sometimes.

A portrait I've started yesterday and finished today in stream. All done in @Krita
This is a character from a player from our D&D group that I'm dming. He's a tiefling bard. When I asked im what he looks like, the only visual trait that I got as a response was "Red like youtube or coca cola" 😅 Not sure that I got that color right, but thats how skin works. :)

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