I haven't posted here in a while, but I've got a drawing project in mind that keeps me motivated during work and when doing these practice sketches.
It's marisha ray from critical role and.., not to boast, but I think I improved from the very first sketch at the top to the portrait sketches at the bottom. I won't be posting these practice sketches anywhere else for now.

Since it's been a while since I posted something I created, I dug out the colored pencil sketch I did of Nott the Brave from
Her discription just spoke to me and I wanted to draw that goblin face. One of those days I'll draw her with her body 😅

I haven't posted much art in the past month. But I tend to occasionally scribble something. Or, in this case, tried my hand on drawing hands of yoga mudras in my - so I get some handy practice out of it :)

I think I never posted the rendered version of my desk here.
It's almost finished, just a bit of details missing like a few brushes and color for the markers that are in the container. Also some texture on the post-its on the wall behind the screen.

And another drawing done with
A stylised version of trees I developed and had fun with about 3 years ago. Was fun drawing like this again.

Lotus for day 11 of
I'm kind of glad I prepared this earlier today, cause I'm still feeling down a bit about that rejection :/

day 10 - jasmin
This year I started the challenge with "well, I won't do much, but at least spend a few minutes on each day" in mind. Not thinking of adding color, just using my fountain pen and nothing else.
But now I'm starting to like adding color, and maybe that helps me in other cases to be more comfortable using color in my art.

Before I nearly forget, here is day 7 of the october garden promts :)
It's suppose to be a gardenia, not sure if I was able to capture that 😅 if it looks more like a succulent to you, then it's a succulent :P

And todays inktober. For the gorget-me-nots I decided to draw with my cyan ink :) and also put some color in with a colored pencil.

I'm sorry that I dont have much to say about my drawings (except that I love the format I've chosen to keep it in). But here is todays english bluebell from the promt list :)

And the desk scene, more or less finished. I mean, I still want to put in some brushes (in the pictured glasses) and the copics next to the lamp need their color. But overall, it's done. But I'll render it again before I use it for an application, it looks a bit dull, I might need to increase the light of the sky.

And day three already. Nearly forgot about it. :) Good thing I only do small and quick this year :D

My very first felting experiment. :D not quite satisfied with the top crease yet, needs to be stronger I think, but thats as far as I go for today :)


I wanted to draw something like that for a long time. Especially this star constalation, since it was a sign of home for me when I was a semester abroad. I can see the same constalation when I look out my bedroom window :)


I edited a bit on the practice from yesterday. Added the sun, made the body of the storck a bit longer (which I only noticed after posting it yesterday).

I finally did finish that photostudy. The main thing missing those last few days were actually the nest material. But hey, it's finish, and it is somewhat simple drawn as I wanted it to be.


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