Hey mastodon, I recently finished my masters degree and I'm now a Master of Science in digital media and looking for a job in a company that is in or around or (germany).
I have the following skills: modelling, also HTML5 & CSS3, .
Maybe you know of or you are in a company that is currently looking for someone like me? I would appreciate if you share this around and let me know :)
Thank you

Hey Mastodon, I’m on this plattform for about a month now, but never did a proper introduction toot.
I consider myself an and have other creative hobbies that I do in my free time. Here are a few hashtags that I’ve not yet mentioned that describe me and what I do:

I edited a bit on the practice from yesterday. Added the sun, made the body of the storck a bit longer (which I only noticed after posting it yesterday).

I nearly forgot that I had this picture ready to post it here.
Some progress on the illustration from the other day. What do you think?

I did something! Even if I didn't finish it and it isn't much of a progress compared to yesterday (which I didn't show, for reasons).
But, I'm much happier with the way it turned out now. When I started cleaning up the sketch/outline, I wasn't happy with the old head (maybe I'll show a comparison tomorrow, if someone is interested).
Doesn't happen often these days that I'm happy with the outcome :)

Another old piece from 2014. I don't know if I manage to draw something today, but I wanted to post something again today. I think I might have done this with Krita, but I can't remember

I didn't manage to finish the illustration today, which I started yesterday.
So instead, have something that I did 2 and a half years ago. It was part of the acceptance test where I had to show a few work pieces (apart from those trees, I showed a 3D project as well as other creative stuff). Drawing trees like that took time, but it was really fun.


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