Hello Mastodon 👋 My name is Julia and I've introduced myself before, but it was time for a new introduction :)
I like , I like creating in every form. I do ( ) just as much as ( )
I've got a webblog and do some and for it.
I also like to try new ways of creating like

A little 3D practice, haven't spent enough time in the last year on proper 3D modelling.
A little succulent, low poly, using only one colored textures. Exporting the image was a hassle though, it was either to dark or seems to bright (a bit like this one), need to tweak the settings a bit more next time.
But hey, something related from me after a long time :D Also, not done in blender this time, I used maya to not loose the practice in it.

I think I never posted the rendered version of my desk here.
It's almost finished, just a bit of details missing like a few brushes and color for the markers that are in the container. Also some texture on the post-its on the wall behind the screen.

And the desk scene, more or less finished. I mean, I still want to put in some brushes (in the pictured glasses) and the copics next to the lamp need their color. But overall, it's done. But I'll render it again before I use it for an application, it looks a bit dull, I might need to increase the light of the sky.

Last week I showed the first render of a material that I completly generated with blender cycles nodes. The pictures below I would call somewhat finished and as close as I can get to the original faux wood of my desk at home.
I added a screenshot of the nodesetup as well. Btw the only difference between the two is, that I changed the z-rotation in the mapping node.

It has been a while since I last posted something vaguely art related. I'm at my bf over the weekend, right now he's away, so I spend some time on creating a faux wood material in blenders cycles. Purely generated (not one image as texture). Not quite where I want it to have, but it's close.
If you remember the 3D scene of my desk, I'm creating the material for that scene.

Hey mastodon, I recently finished my masters degree and I'm now a Master of Science in digital media and looking for a job in a company that is in or around or (germany).
I have the following skills: modelling, also HTML5 & CSS3, .
Maybe you know of or you are in a company that is currently looking for someone like me? I would appreciate if you share this around and let me know :)
Thank you

Oh darn it, I wanted to add and some pictures to that toot... ah well, next time...

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Well, instead of showing another wip of yesterdays drawing (sorry), I decided to show a different work in progress piece.
My desk space in 3D. The only thing currently shaded is the penholder in the left corner 😅
I do work on this every now and then. It's mostly for practice and because I think my desk looks kind of cozy in pictures.


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