Because tomorrow is valentines day and I did a similar thing on twitter two years ago, here are some digital drawn roses for different people you want to give a rose to :)
Red for love
yellow for friendship
pink for appreciation and gratitude
peach for appreciation and sincerity

Since it's been a while since I posted something I created, I dug out the colored pencil sketch I did of Nott the Brave from
Her discription just spoke to me and I wanted to draw that goblin face. One of those days I'll draw her with her body 😅

A few concept sketches of the next layout of my blog.
I iterated and tried to improve from sketch to sketch, the used colors are not finalized, just to emphasize on a accent color, or usage of some form of color (means also posible usage of pictures).
What do you think of those sketches?

A little 3D practice, haven't spent enough time in the last year on proper 3D modelling.
A little succulent, low poly, using only one colored textures. Exporting the image was a hassle though, it was either to dark or seems to bright (a bit like this one), need to tweak the settings a bit more next time.
But hey, something related from me after a long time :D Also, not done in blender this time, I used maya to not loose the practice in it.

Something very romantic (maybe) because just came up in a conversation I had with @ScribbleAddict :D
In the picture below you see only a part of the huge workload I did for the 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend in 2016.
Somewhen in that year I decided "Hey, wouldn't it be a nice idea to make a heart for everyday I'm with him?" first I thought of 1k days, then I thought "No... 2 years is ok as well" and I folded 708 hearts in the duration of roughly half a year. :D

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The post flagging got me into looking at my tumblr posts again.
I haven't posted on tumblr in a long time.
But this photo-value study ... I'm amazed by my capability back then. And I got a bit of a motivation boost to study values again (one of the art-goals/art-todos I have for 2019)

Ok... wow.
When I checked my tumblr last year when all that fuss was about the purge, I didn't have any posts that had been against the guidelines. And just now, I saw that I had a message stating that some post might contain aduld content. Do you want to see the so riskey posts? They are shitty studies, some in just one color.

I haven't posted much art in the past month. But I tend to occasionally scribble something. Or, in this case, tried my hand on drawing hands of yoga mudras in my - so I get some handy practice out of it :)

I think I never posted the rendered version of my desk here.
It's almost finished, just a bit of details missing like a few brushes and color for the markers that are in the container. Also some texture on the post-its on the wall behind the screen.

And another drawing done with
A stylised version of trees I developed and had fun with about 3 years ago. Was fun drawing like this again.

My first painting done in procreate on the ipad pro I purchased recently. A portrait of the DnD character I sketched a few weeks ago.

Before ill go to sleep, I'll show you my inktober from today :) I forgot to post yesterdays inktober - sorry 😬

Since is more already on the halfway mark, I posted an overview of the first 15 pieces on and now on here as well :)

I'm away for the weekend, so I had to prepare todays and the next two at home quickly. :) I'll add the colors and inklines on the specific day though.

Lotus for day 11 of
I'm kind of glad I prepared this earlier today, cause I'm still feeling down a bit about that rejection :/

day 10 - jasmin
This year I started the challenge with "well, I won't do much, but at least spend a few minutes on each day" in mind. Not thinking of adding color, just using my fountain pen and nothing else.
But now I'm starting to like adding color, and maybe that helps me in other cases to be more comfortable using color in my art.

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