Quick information for everyone:
I love to follow artists, especially artists that are still growing.
Why? Because I'm able to see a sudden jump in their skill after a week, month or a year. It always gives me a happy smile on my face when I see that someone has grown with their art. Even if they themself don't notice it yet. :)

So if you follow me or interact with me, I'll almost definitly follow you :)

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@julloyart I’m glad I’m finally able to see those jumps in my own work. For over 3 years I felt stagnant and that I wasn’t improving any noticeable amount despite hard work and practice, but now, I can see a huge improvement just since last semester, at least in figure drawing (even though I’ve got a long way to go). You should see my stuff from Freshman year or before, it’s pretty terrible

@nohsara I wouldn't call it terrible, everyone has to start somewhere. Like everyone drew the sun in the corner of the paper with a face when they were small :D I'm eager to see your next jump you do :) or next step, no matter how small or big

@julloyart I dunno if u would enjoy a baby artist but well, I do draw (but I'm super super beginner, the first time I drew something was in like october 2017 XD )

@benano 👋 Hi! :D I just took a quick look at your insta and gave you a follow :D
And yes, I would very much enjoy following you and your journey through art :)

@benano And you already draw better than I did some 20 years ago :P (I was 7 then :D) May I make a suggestion?
It is always good to draw from references, especially when you are still learning (which is basically always). Take a photo and try to draw the anatomy from it as best as you can. I once spend an entire month drawing quick portraits from different people, cause I wanted to improve my skills.

@julloyart thanks !
I use references already, but yeah I should maybe start working on more realistic approach but this is daunting XD

@benano I know it is. It looks so much simpler drawing from cartoons/manga/anime :) But stylised version hide a lot of the anatomy, while realistic bodies do not.
Sooner or later you'll find yourself thinking "something looks wrong with the anatomy" and it is possible (not 100% though) that it could be fixed with knowledge of realistic anatomy. Other times you may not know what it is at all (I run into this problem from time to time). But these art studies help you out a lot in the future.

@julloyart Yep I already realize that anatomy is lacking, I bought anatomy book with a lot of drawing but the thing is that I dont understand what I see on the drawings, like too much information and lack of understanding of 3D space :/
but I will just follow your advice and try to copy what I see before tackling the study of a book

@benano It might help trying to copy parts of the body first? start with the head (it's the thing you'll most likely draw the most), hands, feet, legs+feet, arms+hands, torso, and then the entire body.
I personally wanted to learn proper anatomy that way (full body is always so intimidating). I've sadly only focused on heads and hands 😅
Maybe try to find some online sources for the human body that show the skeleton layer and muscle layer,
I too struggle with the 3D space on a 2D piece of paper

@julloyart thanks, you actually motivated to start what I knew I had to do, I will try to do study 💪

@benano I just found a book in english that I personally have and that shows the skeleton and muscles pretty well (just in sketchform, but it helps with understanding)
Human Anatomy by Andras Szunyoghy and György Feher. There is also an artist on youtube who does pretty god explanations and art exercises. Look for Sycra. Sinix Design does create also a lot of helpful videos. I think with both you can easily draw while watching the video and learn something from it.

@julloyart I will take a look
this is the french book I have, it is full of info but as I said I feel overwhelmed by it XD, maybe I will learn to like it when I learnt some things from other sources first

@benano That looks pretty similar to the book I recomended. So you won't need the Human Anatomy book anymore :D But I have to say, your version looks a bit messier with the lines. I can understand why you feel overwhelmed by it.
It certainly helps to understand the human body if you have some anatomical knowledge with the bones. Maybe it helps if you take a look at a biology book (or website) that shows the human body and how it's build?

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