death of a friends relative, advice needed 

So yesterday I got news that the father of a friend died. What would be the best way to help? I know that grieving takes time and helping for a day won't fix it. Apart from just being there, mostly listen if she has to say anything, any other advice? She has a s.o. and another friend who are helping her with organisational stuff.

I've never been in the position, I have not yet experienced grief myself or supported a friend through it before.

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death of a friends relative, advice needed 

@julloyart Unless she asks you for something that's mostly all you can do. You could also ask the s.o. and other friend if there's something they need help with in supporting her and let them know that you can at least lend a hand with smaller things if possible and needed. And maybe not right now, but a bit later, you can invite her out to do something "normal" like going to get a bit to eat or take a walk or something for a change of pace, if she wants

death of a friends relative, advice needed 

@Mellifloss thank you.

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