quick question to the 10 users here: How does one change the keyboard layout from english to german?

@julloyart If you are using the default GNOME DE, go to Settings > Region & Language > Add German to Input Languages, then use the menu at the top right of your screen to switch keyboard layouts. You can also press Super+Space to switch.

@inference Thank you :) Wasn't my machine though, had to help someone else who is not used to linux machines.

@julloyart I personally use CLI over GUI, so I'm always in a terminal. I have managed to set up my keyboard shortcuts and OS settings so Alt+Space switches between EN and JP, but using a GUI is much easier. A simple search will amost certainly get you instructions for a GUI based system, such as GNOME or KDE Plasma.


@inference Yes, which he did. :) Still some things he wasn't used to from the linux UI (for instance, were to find the settings) :D So it was more a problem of "Error sits in front of the machine" :P Thank you though, I didn't have a linux machine in front of me right now to help him out and google results were more complicated that just "go to settings ..."

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Pleased to know that there is another user of Linux, especially Debian/Debian based.

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