quick question to the 10 users here: How does one change the keyboard layout from english to german?

@julloyart If you are using the default GNOME DE, go to Settings > Region & Language > Add German to Input Languages, then use the menu at the top right of your screen to switch keyboard layouts. You can also press Super+Space to switch.


@inference Thank you :) Wasn't my machine though, had to help someone else who is not used to linux machines.

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@julloyart I personally use CLI over GUI, so I'm always in a terminal. I have managed to set up my keyboard shortcuts and OS settings so Alt+Space switches between EN and JP, but using a GUI is much easier. A simple search will amost certainly get you instructions for a GUI based system, such as GNOME or KDE Plasma.

@inference Yes, which he did. :) Still some things he wasn't used to from the linux UI (for instance, were to find the settings) :D So it was more a problem of "Error sits in front of the machine" :P Thank you though, I didn't have a linux machine in front of me right now to help him out and google results were more complicated that just "go to settings ..."


Pleased to know that there is another user of Linux, especially Debian/Debian based.

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