Is someone here on art interested in getting into Webdesign/HTML/CSS?
I was thinking about it for a while to make something like a "quickstart" for artists to have the basic knowledge for HTML and CSS to build a simple website. Just want to know if there is interest here to make something like a tutorial for it :)

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@julloyart I'm already into that stuff, but I'd happily share it with my friends who keep wasting their money paying me for basic HTML stuff :'D

I hope it'll include tips on using the browser's Inspect tools to try styles out quickly, and info on FTP, as iteration and getting things live are two blocks I find people have.

@eishiya I'll certainly include the developer tools of the browser, as I've found them quite helpful and a nice way to try out a few things really quickly with direct feedback. FTP I'll think about if I add info to that. I haven't used a ftp tool in ages tbh, so I might not be the one to give advice on it. All the coding I do is at work and I'm not the one deploying the stuff online. 😅 But I'll at least look at it and decide then if I'll include it or a helpful guide in the end :)

@julloyart I'm an artist, but I do webdevelopment as well to broaden my source of income. I try to keep javascript to an absolute minimum and have build some pretty cool image galleries using css, html and hugo. Hugo is a particulary cool programming tool. It would be really nice for artists to get some basic tutorials for html and css so if you need some help I can offer it.

@julloyart I've been dipping into webdev via Hugo and W3.CSS for styling. Tutorials like these are always needed imo, and I'll gladly broaden my own knowledge as well.

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