Is someone on here who has experience with a Samsung tablet? Especially trying to find some opinions from artists, who draw on those tablets.
A friend is looking into getting a tablet, I told her the advantages I see with my iPad, but also want to give opinions on android tablet for drawing digital.
I personally use both my ipad and wacom equally (equally meaning whenever I feel like using one of them).

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@julloyart Not an android but Windows10. I use Surface Pro 6 for all my art + as regular PC. Good pressure sensitivity, good battery, program wise super flexible cause you can use any (windows) art program (i use clip studio pain pro). The pen is comfortable, and the screen is smooth. You can find textured 'screen protectors' if you prefer rougher/'paper' texture. Been using it for 3 years now and no complaints at all!!! Feel free to send them my way for specific questions or the like :)

@BID I keep that in mind to also inform her about the surface :) Since she is also looking into buying a new computer. Is it possible to connect a second screen to the surface?

I would send them your way, but there are three problems: friend was a short version for "friend of family of my so", she's not really on the internet and language barrier 😅

@julloyart I believe there are a few artists on since a beta version of Krita is released on Android for some time. Clip Studio Paint was released on Android recently, too, so maybe in their communities there might be people with experience with Android.
I haven't tried it myself though

@tiar That would probably mean that the friend of mine would need some more technical knowledge than she has 😅 Thank you though, krita for android is something I want to look into personally, just because it intrigues me :)

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